Heavily criticized since he took over from Alain Ducasse in the kitchens of the Parisian palace Plaza Athénée, Jean Imbert responded to the violent attacks against him on September 9 in Daily.

At only 40 years old, Jean Imbert was recently entrusted with the reins of the very prestigious restaurant of the Plaza Athénée, located on avenue Montaigne in Paris, replacing the immense Alain Ducasse. But the arrival of the former Top Chef winner in the kitchens of a palace was not to everyone’s taste in the gastronomic world. Since his appointment, the famous chef has thus found himself the target of criticism. In a portrait devoted to him by Le Monde in its August 20 edition, some criticized him for “loving bling-bling, famous people, money” and for having “neither the CV nor the necessary experience. “for such a post.

On September 3, food critic François-Régis Gaudry once again put Jean Imbert in the sauce in Télématin, stating in particular that he did not have the talent, the necessary culinary training or even the skills to run the kitchens of a palace and that he only had “the talent for business, glitter, money”. Personal attacks that do not seem to give indigestion to the person concerned, too happy to live his dream of concocting succulent dishes for the Plaza Athénée. Guest of Quotidien this Thursday, September 9, Jean Imbert has swept aside the criticisms of which he has recently been the subject. Asked about the subject by Yann Barthès, he first regretted one thing: “They could have had the elegance to wait for me to open instead of directly criticizing me”. If he cannot explain the violence of these criticisms, the chief recognizes however that he “is not of the seraglio”: “I do not know if this is what I am being made to pay”, s’ he asks.

“When I reread that (the critics, editor’s note) I don’t recognize myself. I was more annoyed for my parents who said to themselves: ‘But who are we talking about?'”, Then continues the cook. Before adding: “I’ve been criticized for 20 years, told that I’m not going to get there. Even when I won Top Chef, we said ‘He’s not going to get there, him’ . But me, it was my dream to have the Plaza Athénée and to take over from Alain Ducasse. ” And to realize his dream, Jean Imbert worked tirelessly for years. “You have to listen to the little voice inside that sometimes says to you ‘go to work, you might be able to do it, you can do it, give up nothing’ and I listened to it a lot. I believed in my dream, I went there and I did it. When I come home at 1 o’clock in the evening, when I take my shower, the chef of the Plaza Athénée is me “. The restaurateur finally refutes his image of bling bling chef: “The stars are 1% of my life. Besides, I haven’t met any star outside of the kitchen.” And concludes: “It is an environment where there can be a lot of ego and jealousy. But I remain benevolent.”

“I’ve been criticized for 20 years, I’ve been told that I’m not going to get there. But I believed in my dream and finally, the chef of the Plaza Athénée, it’s me” @JeanImbert in # Daily pic.twitter.com/I2ox0THYZP

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