Jean-Baptiste Marteau, solicited for the JT of Télématin, multiplied the good performances this Monday, December 20, 2021 on France 2.

The reins of Télématin are held by the Johanna Ghiglia / Damien Thévenot tandem for the weekly numbers during the end of the year holidays. The morning had a convincing first in the absence of Thomas Sotto and Julia Vignali.

Johanna Ghiglia therefore had a funny birthday as she began her two-week interim at the helm of the most followed morning in France. The music sounded at 7:10 am to allow the team to wish a happy birthday to the one who normally presents Télématin news.

On the political side, Jordan Bardella answered questions from Caroline Roux. The guest spoke about the development of the Omicron variant, its place in the presidential campaign but also on the establishment of the vaccine pass.

Between 6.30am and 9.25am, the various chronicles and multiple television newscasts focused the attention of 805,000 individuals, representing a market share of 26.4%, of which 21% were women responsible for purchasing. In comparison to Monday, December 13, the public channel has recovered one point.

The 8:30 am edition was the peak of the morning with 982,000 curious people attending, or 26.8% of those aged 4 and over. On the other hand, the intervention of Jordan Bardella, Interim President of the National Gathering, led to a drop in interest with 736,000 French people mobilized (25.6%) between 7.40 am and 7.50 am while the weather had welcomed, just before, 904,000 viewers . As for the 8-hour edition, it won over 939,000 followers. A very impressive record for Jean-Baptiste Marteau, in charge of the news.

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