The time has come for a renewal for Télématin. Since the start of the school year, the morning show of France 2 is presented in a completely new format. More focused on local information, it is no longer managed by a single man but by a duo of animators. From Monday to Friday, Thomas Sotto and Julia Vignali take care of the presentation, while Damien Thévenot and Maya Lauqué take care of the weekend. A fundamental change that comes after several years of crisis within the editorial staff.

Indeed since William Leymergie left the ship to sail towards new horizons on C8, many historical chroniclers have bowed out. While some have chosen to leave because of the deterioration of their working conditions, others simply could not bear to work with the successor of their mentor, the host Laurent Bignolas.

Laurent Bignolas has never hidden it: he had great difficulty in finding a place in the editorial staff of Télématin. If some welcomed him with open arms, others did not hesitate to make him understand that he was not welcome. “That some people did not live this period badly, whether they felt pain or despair, I can understand it. But to accuse me of being responsible for it, that no! If you knew how I took.”, S ‘was he insurgent with the Parisian a few months before his departure from the cult show of France 2. But fortunately, Lokma’s dad (…)

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While Netflix has just launched season 3 of Sex Education this Friday, September 17, and puts an end to an endless wait for the fans after the success of the first two bursts, a question remains unanswered: will there be a season 4 ?

In the columns of Paris Match, Laeticia Hallyday returned to her meeting with Jalil Lespert. And the least we can say is that it did not quite go as it has been suggested!

Guest of the Boomerang show on France Inter this Thursday, September 16, Myriam Boyer remembered her childhood. The actress lived particularly complicated years with a violent father.

Fakes news are now part of our daily life. Sorting the information and disentangling the true from the false has become a real ordeal. What is the right solution to adopt when faced with fake news? A recent study published in the International Journal of Psychology wanted to study the influence of the latter according to their valence after exposure to what is commonly called a “debunk”.

ASSISES AVIATION – The collective “Pensons l’Aéronautique pour demain” is organizing the Aviation Assizes until Sunday, to find a plan B for the green plane, and to reconcile environment and transport

The magazine “Zone interdite” will broadcast a documentary on Sunday evening on the backstage of the Élysée. The idea, explains its co-director, was to take an interest in “the ordinary people” who work there and allow the iconic palace to function.

Amandine Petit wished to give a little surprise to her fans. Miss France 2021 unveiled the face of her big sister, named Pauline. And the least we can say is that the sisters share the same beauty!

The British singer announces a tour of European stadiums for next year, during which he will pass through France.

Becoming a late mother, Adriana Karembeu, who turns 50 on September 17, 2021, has lost nothing of her model physique: long and blond hair, bright face, huge and thin legs and a perfect figure.

Ben Affleck was pictured with his three children on Thursday as they visited a restaurant in Los Angeles.

The senatorial mission of information on the evolution and the fight against the insecurity and the impoverishment of part of the French has submitted its report. It formulates around fifty proposals to combat the phenomenon and “act against the vulnerabilities of the French”.

The body of Vicky Cherry was found in a closet, according to information published by The Mirror this Wednesday, September 15.

Audience award at the Deauville American Film Festival, “Blue Bayou” deals with the scandal of children adopted in Asia and threatened with being deported, once adulthood, from the United States. Director, screenwriter and actor, Justin Chon describes the genesis of this heartbreaking melodrama.

Most people dream of a bright smile and crisp white teeth. Unfortunately, most of the current whitening methods are far from harmless to our quenottes. Most use gels made from hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide), sometimes activated with an infrared lamp. A compound that can damage enamel, cause tooth sensitivity or irritation of the gums. In addition, this method involves many weeks of treatment and is not always

Where does it come from? In this new weekly meeting, Paris Match examines in detail a statement made by a politician. For her back-to-school speech in Fréjus, Marine Le Pen did not hesitate to enlarge the line in an apparent call for anti-vaccines.

VIDEO GALA – Death of Jean-Paul Belmondo: his daughter Florence made a big decision

Whether they are pork, goose or duck, they are found in many regions, each with their own specialty: Bordeaux grattons (or gratons) is a recipe invented by a butcher from Lormont, Bernard Gaudin. It consists of fresh ham, fat and pork shoulder. It looked like a terrine from which you cut beautiful slices. The word gratton comes from scratching (the bottom of the pot during preparation).

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature is stepping out of its precinct of protecting animal and plant species to embrace all of the challenges facing humanity. And strongly advocates the inclusion of local populations close to areas of high biodiversity.

As part of the La Rochelle Fiction Festival, we were able to preview the first episodes of season 4 of Balthazar. Do they live up to the expectations of the fans?

A callous daughter has left her 81-year-old father penniless after secretly squandering his savings on gambling.