Technologies, VTC drivers but also the fifth sanitary wave animated the Télématin edition embodied by Julia Vignali and Thomas Sotto this Wednesday, November 24, 2021 on France 2.

Julia Vignali and Thomas Sotto welcomed the French to the Télématin set this Wednesday, November 24, 2021 on France 2. The Suprême NTM group was celebrated on the occasion of the cinema release of the biopic Suprêmes. As for the hearings, the appointment has wavered slightly compared to the previous Wednesday.

In his summary, Thomas Sotto announced fatalist: “Welcome to Covidland, the return, and 30,000 contaminations last day. Things are really going badly and new measures will be announced ”. The situation in Guadeloupe was an adjacent subject while these measures will be formalized by Olivier Véran in the middle of the day.

Journalist Anicet Mbida, always at the forefront of new technologies, presented an innovation accomplished by researchers in Massachusetts, namely using wiki waves like a camera to reconstruct a silhouette that passes in front of a wall. The disturbances of the wiki allowing the waves to move thus provide invisible surveillance cameras.

As for Alex de Tarlé, he returned to a survey affirming that nine out of ten drivers do not declare to the tax authorities the true amount of their income. A shortfall of 82 million euros for social security because the drivers declare on average a third of their daily earnings.

Between 6.30 am and 9.25 am, the morning show won over 841,000 curious visitors and 26.6% of the public aged 4 and over, up 1.8 points compared to the previous Wednesday. The interview with Christian Estrosi in “The 4 Truths” caught the attention of 1.10 million followers (31.9%). The 6 heures info, on the other hand, attracted 223,000 individuals and 18.1% of viewers.