George Russell is hoping to enjoy his usual good performance at the Hungaroring without being unlucky this weekend. The Williams F1 driver is aiming for a third consecutive entry in Q3.

“I think there’s a reasonable chance to be honest,” Russell said. “We’ve been to Q3 twice in the last few races, and we missed one by eight thousandths of a second. We’re overall strong here.”

“Budapest is the track where I have had the most bad luck in my career, and it is definitely the track where I have been the fastest throughout my career. I don’t know not when the two are going to line up to make a decent result. “

He is just worried about the wind in Hungary and the sensitivity of his FW43B: “There have been very calm winds and stable conditions for the last three events, so it is quite windy here, with gusts. So that may compensate for our normal pace in Budapest compared to our current form. “

Russell knows qualifying will be crucial on a circuit where overtaking is not obvious: “We’re going to put everything on the line, like we did recently, and try to pull it off on Saturday.”

“We put the emphasis on Sunday. But I think it’s going to play out here in qualifying, so we’re going to do our best on Saturday afternoon and try to ‘get a good result. “

Russell still hasn’t scored any points with Williams despite many races in which he sailed around the top 10 in a car that wasn’t really worth it. But the Briton remains a philosopher: “I guess you get what you deserve. In the end, there were opportunities.”

“The only one where I felt we should have scored points, really, but we didn’t, was at Imola. But in the end, I ended up in the wall. doesn’t matter who’s to blame for that, I was in the car and didn’t finish the race. So that’s probably the only real opportunity that went wrong. “

Russell was himself impressed with his qualifying results, which he attributes in part to the 2021 Pirelli. According to him, the management of the tires by his car is responsible for the difficulties on Sunday: “We had a fantastic qualifying, which I kind of attribute to the new tires. “

“New tires that can handle the limits of the car. It’s only when you put the fuel on, the tires degrade and the temperatures are really at the high limit, that we start we have to struggle or return to our normal pace. “

“But when we have the new tires on the car, we can really extract more than the potential. And I think that’s why we’re seeing this big gap between the two days.”

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