Google Maps has received a lot of news in recent months. In addition to improvements to the service itself, the search giant has provided useful information on various aspects and elements that are becoming essential for users.

Of course, emphasis has also been placed on improving the interface and its usability, ensuring those who choose this solution have the best experience. To sum up many of these new features and improvements, there is now a new widget that gives you direct access to much of what has been revealed.

Widgets have been around for a long time on Android and contain a lot of useful information for users. With a simple interaction it is possible, for example, to have a summary of the last emails received or the last photographs that were taken.

Of course, they can be used in other ways, as Google Maps now does. This new feature can be called up by joining 2 fingers on the screen and then choosing the widgets option. They will have direct access to everyone on the smartphone.

The list can be long, but it should go down to the area where Google Maps and its widgets are located. Look in the list and choose the new one there, by dragging it on the screen, to a free position, at the user’s choice.

The new Google Maps widget can be resized to show only a few shortcuts or to show all available ones. This is when they have access to searches and a set of shortcuts, from their home and work addresses, to restaurants, supermarkets, hotels and much more.

Just click on each of these shortcuts to have direct access to the search for these places or addresses at home or at work. In the case of search, they’re directly on Google Maps, ready to put the name they want to search for in the service.

A curiosity of this widget is that it fits the current version of Android. If it is Android 12, it will adapt its colors to what is set in the system. If it’s in another version, it will only have the base colors. Test this new functionality and directly access everything that Google Maps offers, which is thus concentrated in one place.

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