Considered racist, discriminating and offensive to Indigenous people, some thirty books – including the famous comics – were destroyed in some thirty French-language schools in Ontario. Auto-da-fes dubbed “ceremonies of purification by flames” took place.

The facts date back to 2019. A literary purification took place in the libraries of the Conseil scolaire catholique Providence, which brings together 30 French-language schools (Southwestern Ontario), as reported on Tuesday, September 7 by Radio Canada.

Nearly 5,000 children’s books on Aboriginal people were destroyed “for the purpose of reconciliation with the First Nations”, indicates Canadian radio.

A 165-page document specifies all the titles eliminated, as well as the reasons given. There are comics, but also novels and encyclopedias. A total of 55 works were withdrawn from school libraries.

It is thus reproached to Tintin in America an “unacceptable language”, a “faulty presentation of the Natives in the drawings” and the appellation Peau-Rouge. The Sun Temple has also been removed from the rays.

In a video intended for pupils, the process is explained as the desire to bury “the ashes of racism, discrimination and stereotypes in the hope that we will grow up in an inclusive country where all can live in prosperity and in security”.

Thus a ceremony of “purification by the flame” was organized during which about thirty books banned, “for educational purposes”, were burned.

“This is pure censorship!”, Denounced Jean-Claude Larocque, co-author of the book Le Fils des Hurons, based on the doctoral thesis of archaeologist Bruce G. Trigger.

At the origin of these autodafés, one finds Suzy Kies, known as “the guardian of the indigenous knowledge” which accompanied this process. According to her, “people are panicking over burning books, but we are talking about millions of books which have negative images of indigenous people, which perpetuate stereotypes, which are really damaging and dangerous.”

And to quote the title The Cowboys and the Indians, published in 2011, which justifies its withdrawal from libraries. “It’s really excruciating,” she comments. “Pocahontas, she’s so sexual and sensual, for us native women it’s dangerous,” adds Suzy Kies.

“We do not find any Aboriginal ancestor over seven generations to the co-chair of the Indigenous Commission of the Liberal Party of Canada” in the family tree of the one who precisely denounces the cultural appropriation of whites and who has been, since 2017, co-chair of the Commission indigenous to the LPC since 2017.


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