Emmanuel Macron and the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriákos Mitsotákis, signed a contract on Tuesday morning for three latest generation French frigates from Naval Group, for an amount of around 3 billion euros. Greece is also increasing its order for Rafale fighter jets, with six additional units.

It is done. While the Greek press announced Monday that Athens was now favoring French frigates against their American competitors to renew its fleet, Emmanuel Macron and Greek Prime Minister Kyriákos Mitsotákis signed a contract on Tuesday morning for the order of three ships, as part of the strengthening of the “strategic partnership” between the two countries. The total amount is estimated at around 3 billion euros.

These are intervention and defense frigates (FDI), the latest model of military frigate for the French Navy developed by Naval Group, in their export version, nicknamed Belharra. They will be built in Lorient. A “testimony of confidence and demonstration of the quality of the French offer”, welcomed Emmanuel Macron.

Ref: https://www.lesechos.fr