Two other defendants took the stand this Thursday, October 28, as part of the Thomas Sankara assassination trial. Idrissa Sawadogo and Nabonsseouindà © Ouà © draogo totally reject the accusations of complicity in an attack on the security of the state and of complicity in assassination which pains smells on them. But, the name of Hyacinthe Kafando is on everyone’s lips.

After Yamba listened to Ilboudo, heard on Tuesday and Wednesday, two other defendants were invited to the bar this Thursday, October 28. They are Idrissa Sawadogo and Nabonsseouindé Ouédraogo, respectively corporal and private first class, at the time of the events. These two soldiers, all members of Blaise Compaore’s security, have, in their deposition, systematically denied any involvement in the assassination of President Thomas Sankara.

Idrissa Sawadogo, for his part, declared that he was not even present at the Council of the Entente at the time of the facts. According to his story, he was at his guard post, at the Council of the Entente, when around 3:30 p.m., he received from HyIacinthe Kafando, lâ ??? order to go and join the elements which stood guard at Blaise Compaore’s residence, located behind the National Assembly. He was there when he heard the crackle of guns said to be coming from the Council of the Entente.

When the shooting stopped, Idrissa Sawadogo reportedly went to her sick mother’s bedside in the Tanghin district, before returning to her post to finally go to the Council of the Entente. TO?? Asked why he did not inquire with his colleagues on the Council of the Entente what had happened, he replied: Â € œWe chatted, but I don’t remember. I didn’t ask them. I knew there was a problem ”.

TO?? at the helm, Nabonsseouindé Ouédraogo also denied having been part of the commando that assassinated Captain Thomas Sankara. “Personally, the events surprised me. I was not aware of anything, ”he said, noting that he was at the foot of Blaise Compaore, on the Council of the Agreement, at the time of the facts. TO?? To believe it, he had been able to see Hyacinthe Kafando and other men boarding a vehicle before hearing gunshots a few moments later . It was then that he went to take cover, without being able to identify the shooters.

The statement of these two defendants is in total contradiction with the words of Yamba Elisà © e Ilboudo, who had specifically identified them as part of the commando that went to the Council of the ???? Agreement, under the orders of Hyacinthe Kafando. But, for Me Mamadou Sombià ©, one of the defense lawyers, the words of Yamba Elisà © e Ilboudo cannot be taken seriously because he would have “a mental problem” .

In all cases, the prosecution and civil party lawyers have been able to identify gray areas, especially in the position of Idrissa Sawadogo. The consistency observed in the words of the three defendants questioned so far is the predominant role played by Hyacinthe Kafando in the tragic events of the 15th October 1987. Suspended around 4 p.m., the hearing will resume on Tuesday, November 2, 2021.