Funny surprise for this Thai farmer who, last Saturday, found his cow lost for 3 days in a rather special place, as reported by several media. Under the dry grass, further in the pasture, he sees a python 4.5 meters long, stretched out and inert. Inside the snake: the corpse of the cow, which can be seen through the body of the python. Under the power, his body exploded!

In a video that has gone viral on the internet, the python appears much larger than normal: it is even downright huge. And that’s quite normal since he had just swallowed a whole cow whole! Eyes larger than its stomach, the snake ate more than it could swallow.

As we know, some snakes are able to swallow very large prey thanks to their very flexible digestive tract and their large jaw. Once their prey has been digested, snakes normally return to their occupations.

But this time the animal was not so lucky. “After the cow died inside her body, the snake swelled up,” village leader Nirun Leewattanakul said. It swelled so much that it exploded. A “so scary” scene.

A phenomenon that is not uncommon: some time before, another snake had burst after eating a whole alligator

The two animals, the cow and the snake, were both analyzed by authorities and then burned and buried in a vacant lot. No other animal would have been attacked by the python.

But this phenomenon has already occurred several times in snakes, and even in the region. Another python overestimated its appetite and swallowed an alligator whole, before suffering the same fate as our dear late cow python. The decomposing animal’s body had released so much gas that the snake’s stomach began to swell, then eventually burst under the power. The two bodies were found floating in a river. Sacred spectacle …