Jean-Pierre Pernaut reunited with his whole family this weekend for a special occasion. Nathalie Marquay’s husband celebrated the birthday of his eldest son, Olivier, aged 40.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut is generally discreet about his private life. The former presenter of the TF1 JT is a father of four children. This weekend, he reunited with his son, Olivier for a special occasion. A beautiful family moment that we reveal to you in detail.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut has a beautiful and large family. The presenter of TF1 has been married for more than 14 years with Nathalie Marquay. From their love were born Lou, aged 18, and Tom, 17. The 71-year-old is delighted to be a dad again and looks more fulfilled than ever. “Becoming a father again at 52 and then at 53 changed my life,” he said for Paris Match. However, the latter also had two other children during his first union with Dominique Bonnet.

Lou and Tom are not the only children of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. The former presenter of the JT has a big daughter, Julia, born in 1978 as well as a boy, Olivier. The latter has just celebrated its 40th anniversary. The opportunity for the blended family to get together and have a good time. Moreover, the husband of Nathalie Marquay unveiled a little preview of Olivier’s birthday and even revealed it on social networks.

This Sunday, August 29, Jean-Pierre Pernaut reunited with his loved ones to celebrate Olivier’s birthday. The eldest son of the presenter was treated to a beautiful party and was able to blow out his candles with the family. Lou Pernaut and Nathalie Marquay were present for this great occasion. The guests were able to taste a cake with red fruits and the good mood was at the rendezvous. “Happy birthday,” Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s wife wrote on Instagram.

Subsequently, Internet users were able to discover several pictures of Olivier’s birthday party. We can also find the journalist’s son with his cake in his hand. Moreover, the pilot had a little surprise for his 40th birthday. The Pernaut family has privatized a food truck for their greatest happiness. The 40-year-old was able to eat homemade cookies as well as donuts! A rather successful party from what we can see in the photos!