Giving masks a second life: this is what Saint-Jory offers through a collection operation. This commune of Haute-Garonne calls on a company that recycles masks into plastic objects. Once disinfected and then crushed, they are transformed into rulers, squares and protractors.

At the start of the school year, this school material will be distributed free of charge to pupils of the local school. “We collected 20,000 masks. The Plaxtil company [in Châtellerault, in Vienne] allows us to recycle them in school matters”, rejoices the mayor (LR), Thierry Fourcassier, in the TF1 report at the top of this article. .

For the director, this is good news. “It’s a small piece of equipment that has to be renewed very often, the children lose it, break it. It will be made available to the students in the classes and it will prevent families from having to buy this equipment during the year” , appreciates Pascale Alighardashi.

The schoolchildren took part in the initiative, in particular by collecting the masks of their classmates. “It allows us to tackle problems related to the environment. It also seems important to us to show the pupils that a small action counts,” concludes the principal.

The recycling campaign also appeals to the inhabitants of the town: every day, several hundred masks are collected. At the pharmacy, for example, many people come to drop off their used masks. “There are many of us in the family so I have a lot of them,” said a customer, placing a large quantity of masks in the box. “It’s trendy. Everything is recycled, everything is recyclable,” adds another.

Others did not know. “I put them in the trash directly but hey, if they recycle them, I’ll bring them,” said one lady. Several terminals have thus been installed at the merchants of the town. Other cities in France are using the Plaxtil company to recycle masks in the same way. One way to fight against pollution from masks on sidewalks which take an average of 500 years to deteriorate.

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