The Chinese find solace and company in an artificial intelligence chatbot called XiaoIce.

With a broad user base of 660 million around the globe, XiaoIce claims to “use artificial intelligence to create emotional bonds with its users”.

In the troubled times of pandemic loneliness and social dysmorphism, most people find solace in the Technology found. While most Netflix preferred & to chill or video games, some were looking for an imitation of human banalities.

XiaoIce gives users the opportunity to have almost human-like conversations, followed by empathetic responses – and quench the emotional thirst of many beyond the negative emotional impact of social distancing.

In fact, many XiaoIce users believe that the AI ​​chat box is capable of filling in gaps in human conversations.

According to AFP, the bot is capable Telling jokes to cheer his human companions on without appearing needy, and never leaves people reading – for many, dreams come true!

A user told the news agency that the chatbot AI is better as a human being to listen attentively.

Many developers have taken advantage of XiaoIce’s offer. The AI ​​was used to create virtual idols and even created message anchors using the model. It’s getting ridiculous – China’s first virtual university student is from XiaoIce.

A user named Melissa told AFP that XiaoIce does what her human friends can’t, and that it would “never betray them.” Danit Gal, an AI ethics expert from the University of Cambridge, calls this a “self-trick”, suggesting that users are fooling themselves that AI systems, which are inherently incapable of generating emotions, Responding to human needs.

XiaoIce isn’t just a platform – it’s a thriving ecosystem of real people looking for support they can find.

It allows users to unlock new features through points, and even virtual ones Going on vacation – this is how you can take selfies with your virtual buddy. In China alone, XiaoIce has 150 million users, reported the AFP news agency.

No people! This wasn’t the round-up of a Black Mirror episode, but it could be! Would you be fine with virtual accompaniment to ease the burden? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to check out for the latest in technology and science.