Romane Bohringer: The adventure story, these characters losing their footing, that’s what made me want to do the series at the start. There is something very childish about playing scary. Horror is a genre relatively absent from the French landscape, so it’s super exciting to dabble in it when you get the chance!

It was not so much the role that attracted me, but everything else: the director, Pascal Laugier, who is a real fan of cinema and who had a very strong ambition for this project. But also the richness of the distribution, with different generations and universes: Nassim Lyes, Isabelle Candelier, Samuel Le Bihan …

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I knew Marianne Denicourt and Guillaume de Tonquédec, and a little Patrick Mille. It was pretty crazy to be, every day, a dozen actors on the set. It’s very rare to be so many. Added to that is the isolation in this so strange setting … There was an atmosphere quite close to what we see in the picture. Upon arrival, we formed a very close-knit troop, respectful of each other’s madness and uniqueness.

The producers and the director immediately thought of him to play my father. And he immediately accepted. However, it was very hard! The scenes with him were really the most difficult for me to shoot…

I just made my series. It’s amazing, I still can’t believe it! This is the sequel to my film, L’Amour blou. It will air in the fall on Canal.

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