Ask DANIEL FARKE a question and you’ll get an answer that often reveals more than you expected.

When the Norwich City manager is in despair, his team in the doldrums at the bottom of the Premier League League and has been without a win for nine games, he does it well to hide it.

He said his players felt the pain for a few days after the 7-0 away game against European champions Chelsea last weekend.

That it was good to go through such agony and get her out of her system to go into tonight’s game with Leeds United on Carrow Road.

And as he after developing the 20 year old striker When Adam Idah was asked, he explained a lot behind his train of thought that he was the
The Republican international loses in a battered team that has not scored a goal in five games and could do with the fearlessness of the youth.

Idah, according to Farke, stood for them last season with knee, ankle and hernia injuries fewest sessions available, let alone a positive Covid-19 test.

“He was the outfield player with the least availability on the training field and that was the reason he didn’t play at championship level,” he told The42 .

Farke watched his team’s 7-0 away game at Chelsea last weekend.

Source: PA

“It is always up to him to show that he is ready on the training field, to show that he is improving on the training field. The head coach will never leave out his best players.

“It’s always the way you see it in training and in games. We believe in Adam, he’s a great player and will have more chances to shine too. Let’s see how he develops, it’s entirely up to him. ”

The Norwich boss raised concerns about Idah’s persistence, the confidence he needs in his body, and the need to be in excellent physical shape to be in order to make the most of its properties.

“It is important that he trust his body and is in good rhythm and in good shape. He’s worked incredibly hard over the past few months. But yes, one thing is to be available for training, now you have to bring a little more quality to what he shows on the training field. He does that, I’m very happy with it, but it’s not like you just press a button and you’re there.

“You have to show that consistently. I have to give Adam a little praise for working incredibly hard. I’m pretty sure if he continues like this he will go in that direction (up) and then he will have a bright future.

“It’s up to him, he has to keep going and not just one , show two weeks. If he continues like he has done for the past few weeks, then I think he’ll shine. ”

Farke expressed his own reservations about throwing the Cork native in now if it could“ ruin his career ”and the need for patience a player who has played six Premier League games this season but has cut his playing time at every opportunity.

Idah led Ireland under Stephen Kenny.

Source: PA

On Matchday 1 there was a 13-minute cameo against Liverpool, followed by 11 at home against Leicester City, 10 minutes in the 1-0 defeat by Arsenal, two minutes against Watford and two one-minute ones Appearances against Burnley and Brighton.

“We’re all glad to have Adam because he’s a player with great potential. He’s also a great locker room character that we mustn’t forget he’s incredibly young. He’s learning here with us and also at international level, but it’s not up to a 20-year-old to take the lead in the Premier League, let’s be honest.

“Last season he didn’t even play regularly at the championship level, then we can’t expect him to be the right man at Premier League level. But if he takes the next step in his career and improves, then of course there is no reason why he shouldn’t shine as he is a born goalscorer.

“He has his instincts in and around the box and around this to show with consistency, every training session works incredibly hard, including every game when it gets the chance to impress. If it’s 50 minutes, take your chance, take your chance. When it comes to international games for Ireland, take your chance and score.

Andrew Omobamidele, Idah’s international team-mate, can relate on the other end of the pitch. The 19-year-old center-back was in Norwich’s starting XI for the last nine games of his championship season.

An impressive pre-season preparation followed, as did his senior debut in Ireland, but his Premier League playtime was limited to two games – a full 90 minutes in front of Arsenal in a 1-0 loss and a sub for the final 20 minutes at Stamford Bridge as they trailed 5-0 and dropped to 10 men.

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Your club’s fortunes are in stark contrast to the trust Stephen Kenny has placed in them with Ireland – Idah started all three World Cup qualifiers in September and won 1-0 in Azerbaijan earlier this month, while Omobamidele beat Portugal made his debut from the bank and has kept his place ever since.

“You are absolutely right to look forward to both,” emphasizes Farke. “Adam is a fantastic character and a player full of potential. We are enthusiastic about him, but we also give him time to develop. It is also important for the national team not to overload a 20-year-old player with the expectation that he will score in every game he plays. This is pretty important too.

Omobamidele played his second Premier League game from the bench against Chelsea.

Source: Ian Walton

“With Andrew, how much I love him and how excited I am about him, was shown in the crunch phase last season. I had other options, but I trusted him, then 18 years old, in the central position, the key position in defense. He fulfilled all of my wishes.

“In the away game against Arsenal, for example, he was brilliant. Again, you can’t expect him to lead right now, he’s a 19-year-old man in a newcomer. I am absolutely satisfied with its development. He’s a pleasure to work with on the training ground and I think he has a bright future ahead of him.

“With Andrew at championship level, I felt like he would play regularly at this level, even though we did had no evidence. Finding the right moment to get him, otherwise it could damage your career.

“We are always happy to develop and coach young players and to find a good balance.”

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“You’re right to be amazed by them, but it’s easy to ruin their careers very quickly,” comments