Not long ago we uncovered 15 Animated Easter Eggs You may not have seen it at first glance.Today we want to specialize in One Piece Universe Part, 11 Easter eggs to discover – we hope most of them escaped you !!

Start with the most famous one-room Easter eggs, follow other lesser-known ones. You can see Pandaman anime and manga characters, and he’s usually in the background with other characters. one of the most interesting characters to find in a room, His body can change shape, but his panda head cannot. It’s a cute little Easter egg and Oda challenges us: To see if you can find Pandaman you need to scan the background text .. You might also notice other characters such as women. panda, tomato gangs and unforgivable masks.

Giant Jack Giant Beans in the center of Virth Town Dominates all of the Skypiea. The Sanctuary of God is on a cloudy island at the top. This is a reference to the popular English Tale of Jack and the Magic Beans.

Spandam is a former CP9 and CP5 commander. Despite being the commander of CP9, he was a less powerful (and scary) member. The character is actually inspired by Humanity Wrestler (Mick Foley).

Most of Usopp’s Lies came true later in the series. Usopp is certainly well known for decorating the truth. However, Oda wrote every lie wisely. If these parables were wrong when Usopp said, sometimes they might be true later in the story. Some of the lies that have come true include, for example, the fact that he has said he had 8,000 worshipers and pirates under his command (And it happened when he became the god Usopp in Dressrosa).

This has nothing to do with the story of the film, Absalom’s personality can be seen in the background of the scene from The Gold Coin.

One of the most common Easter eggs in the series is the fact that the creator of the world somehow fits into his character’s story. In contrast, Eiichiro Oda is subtle Rarely he has shown a series of books, one of which has a title a play The other is his own name For now Only known event Oda has staged itself, but some fans always try to scan the manga for examples like this.

Mikio Ito is a secret character Part of East Blue, who can be found in various recruitment notices. He has a nickname “King of the Colt.” He is an Easter egg by Mikio Ito, a magazine writer . Weekly Shonen Jump .. He is also assistant to Nobuhiro Watsuki, Writer with Eiichiro Oda ..

Enter Karto Mangaka Want to pay homage? One of the biggest nods When it comes to a room This might be the cover of Chapter 766. This illustration is full of nods to Naruto: This is the hidden Naruto himself eating behind Nami, While Luffy eats the famous ramen paradise. Nami’s dress is also covered This is a symbol, and a miniature fox representing Kujo is also seated.

Members of the Straw Hat Pirates Knowing that he needed to hire a carpenter, he sailed on Water Seven. As the crew discussed how to find someone, Luffy decided to represent his ideal carpenter. Oddly enough, his design is pretty much in line with Frankie. Not an exact match, But this photo looks a lot like Frankie, Sunglasses, large forearms, common blue color, robot nose, neither has pants as if Luffy knew who his carpenter was, Even before he met Frankie.

Domo-kun and Tonke-kun An alien planning to conquer Earth. This is the first SBS (“Everyone’s Question”) character created by Mr. Oda. The character first appeared in a short story titled “” “God’s Gift for the Future” And then Domo appeared in Chapter 9 with the Buggy Pirates. Meanwhile, Nke-kun appeared with Pandaman. Cover of volume 52 .. It can also be hidden on a particular plate in the manga.

You can see this image during the Pisces male arc, With a dragon, it’s obviously Dragon Ball.

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