Although the government calls on the departments to equip college classes with CO2 sensors to fight the Covid epidemic, the Sarthe Departmental Council excludes installing one, considering the cost too high and the interest limited.

It is an end of refusal on the part of Dominique Le Mèner, president of the Departmental Council of Sarthe. Despite the call of the Minister of Education, Jean Michel Blanquer, to equip classrooms with CO2 sensors to know when it is necessary to ventilate a room and thus better fight against the Covid epidemic, the department de la Sarthe by the voice of its president affirms that it will not install any. “Common sense is to open the windows. This allows the classes to be ventilated, especially during intercourse and when there are too many students. It’s a protocol that works” explains Dominique Le Mèner.

The departments are not currently required to install CO2 sensors. This is only a recommendation. The Sarthe is therefore within the regulatory nails notes the president of the department who “does not see too much the utility of spending tens or even hundreds of thousands of euros to equip establishments which operate in good conditions”.

According to the Departmental Council, the cost of a CO2 sensor ranges from € 30 to € 600. An investment deemed “substantial, if we take an average price of 300 € per sensor”, since it would be necessary to install it in each class of the 56 colleges of the department, which will welcome 29,000 students at the start of the school year.

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