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This is the logical continuation of the suspensions of unvaccinated doctors. In mid-November, the patients of a general practitioner in Cherbourg received a letter from the Health Insurance, informing them that their practitioner “was no longer authorized to exercise his liberal activity”, tells the daily “La Presse de la Manche”. . “Under these conditions at the end of a period of 30 days from the date of its suspension, the consultations, care and prescriptions that it carries out are no longer reimbursable by the Health Insurance”, warns the mail.

“I was not warned, I had heard that the doctor did not want to be vaccinated, testifies a patient of the general practitioner in the columns of the departmental daily. But during my consultation on November 3, he didn’t tell me anything. “

Also questioned, Dr. Anne Besnier, Secretary General of the Council of the Ordre des médecins de la Manche recalls that the stop of reimbursements naturally results from the suspension of the practitioner, who had been notified to him on October 15. “A tolerance has been agreed until November 15,” she said. During this period, if the unvaccinated practitioner was practicing, a letter was then sent to him to notify him of his administrative suspension. If he is still practicing today, it relates to illegal practice of medicine. ” In its letter, the Cnam also invites patients to turn to another practitioner.

As of November 16, two months after the entry into force of compulsory vaccination for caregivers, 160 liberal doctors were suspended from practice, including 94 general practitioners and 66 specialists, according to figures released last week by the Cnam .

“We are in interaction with these health professionals and if necessary with the insured if they came to consult practitioners banned from exercise, had indicated on this occasion, the general manager of the CNAM, Thomas Fatôme. We have set up a whole progressive procedure which can go as far as claiming that professionals are unduly charged if they continue to practice. ”

A little more than 1,700 liberal health professionals – out of the 374,000 in practice – had been the subject of a ban from practice by their regional health agency (ARS) in mid-November. And among them, 350 had already come into compliance afterwards.

Should we force young doctors to practice a year in a desert after their studies?

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