Although excited to play in the WTC final, Wagner said he doesn’t want the occasion to beat him.

Published: May 31, 2021 10:24 am |

Last updated: May 31, 2021 10:24 am

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LONDON: New Zealand fast bowler Neil Wagner believes the upcoming World Test Championship (WTC) final against India will be like a world title fight for him as he has never played a white ball game for played his country.

“Yeah, it’s like a World Cup final for me. Probably the biggest disappointment in my career is that I’ve never really played a white ball game for New Zealand, or never been able to was to get on the T20 or the T20. ” one day game, “Wagner was quoted as saying in” ESPNcricinfo “.

” This ship has probably sailed now and I don’t think an opportunity will ever arise. For me now it’s about putting all my focus and energy into test cricket and being able to play in a final of the test world championship is like a world cup for me, “added the 35-year-old.

In March, India’s leading off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin spoke similarly, saying the WTC final will be like a World Cup final for many players who haven’t played in limited overs cricket often.

The New Zealanders are already in England preparing for a two-game test series against the hosts, and while excited to play in the WTC final, Wagner said he doesn’t want the occasion to beat him.

“I know this final is the first and there isn’t a lot of history, but it’s the beginning of something that’s pretty big.

” Playing in a one-off test final against India – one of the best teams in the world World, if not the best team in the world – to be at the highest To be able to test the th and biggest stage against the best, that’s it.

“It’s extremely exciting, but I don’t want to think too far ahead. I don’t want to let the opportunity come to you. Just treat it like another test game and do the same things that you do. It will definitely be a special occasion. That’s for sure, “said the Kiwi.

Wagner battled two broken toes in the first Test against Pakistan last December and played a key role in a memorable win for the home team at Bay Oval on Mount Maunganui.

He needed analgesic injections during the test the hosts won 101 runs after being hit in the foot while hitting on day two.

“Yeah, it’s a tough question. (It was) in the moment and I think adrenaline and playing for the team – wearing the black cap is the ultimate drive and it obviously motivates you to go through that. “

” It’s just everyone else (too) around you encouraging you to do something like this and trying to bite through as much pain as you can to try and deliver a job. Luckily it worked, “said Wagner, who is a bit scared of needles, said.

If his exploits at Bay Oval were evidence, Wagner has a penchant for delivering in difficult conditions, and he said he did take pride in playing a role when the going gets tough.

“Test cricket is tough and it’s never easy to play in different parts of the world where it can be challenging.”

” You can test your skills and abilities in the most difficult situations against the best players. This is where you want to stand up and make an impact, and I pride myself on having a role to play when things are difficult. I want mine. “Hand up and have the ball in my hand,” he said.

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