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The British Prime Minister’s speech at the CBI employers’ organization’s annual conference has turned into a chain of blunders, which does not help to improve his image as he goes through difficult times.

Boris Johnson was to encourage companies to develop green policies. While promoting electric vehicles, he imitates the sound of a speeding car. Then he shuffles his notes, resulting in 20 seconds of silence during which he mumbles an apology.

In front of the assembly of entrepreneurs, he then pays tribute to Peppa Pig, this cartoon for children, of British origin. “Who’s been to Peppa Pig World?” Not enough. I was a bit in the dark about what to find at Peppa Pig World, but I loved it, Peppa Pig’s World is just my kind of place. The head of government refers to his visit this weekend to the amusement park from this very popular television series. He was there with his wife and son.

After such a performance, a reporter asks him if all is well. “I think it went well,” he replies. This is not the opinion of everyone. The former CEO of Siemens called the speech “a failure”. “Disjointed,” according to others. Even his own party criticizes him.

Since the Owen Paterson affair, the mood has been gloomy among the Conservatives. This deputy resigned after being accused of corruption. Boris Johnson first sought to protect him. According to the BBC, a senior Downing Street source demanded “serious changes” before things got worse.

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