Chances are you’ve sometimes wanted to know when one of your WhatsApp contacts is online, take advantage of that moment and send a message, making sure they read it correctly at that time.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not provide the option to notify when a contact is online. But that doesn’t mean it’s mission impossible: there are apps that let you know when a WhatsApp contact has logged in.

WhatsApp lets you know if someone is online, without having to open the app to verify.

In order to know if a user has signed in to WhatsApp and is “Online”, you must use a third-party application, as the messaging application does not include this feature by default.

One of the most popular is WaControl, a tool that allows you to ‘track’ up to ten different WhatsApp contacts, monitor when they go online throughout the day, and send a notification to our mobile when one of the contacts followed is online.

The app is free and, of course, completely legal, since it does not access users’ private data, since it only checks their status within the app. It can be downloaded on Android through the Play Store. In its free version, it only allows you to add one contact, and the limit is increased to ten if you purchase the paid version.

However, keep in mind that this tool will not work if the contact you want to follow has hidden the last login time and “Online” status from other users.

With the app already installed on the mobile, simply open it and grant it the necessary permissions. Then this will give us the option to connect with a registered user, or to start from scratch.

In any case, to start monitoring contacts, you will need to follow these steps:

That’s all. When you’re done, the app will send you a notification every time the contact logs into WhatsApp and is “online”. If you log into the app, you can also check what times of the day this person logged in and how many hours they logged in to the app.

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