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For this comeback live in The Voice 10, Amel Bent has decided to opt for a very original and very green outfit this Saturday May 8th. A look that has not been validated by all Internet users.

Amel Bent

This Saturday, May 8, TF1 viewers were treated to a major event. For the first time since the launch of Season 10 of The Voice, the show was broadcast live on Channel 1. For the occasion, numerous health restrictions were put in place to ensure that the program could be broadcast safely. “The teams have all been tested,” Nikos Aliagas repeated several times throughout the evening. For this semi-final of season 10 of The Voice, the talents and the coaches were all set on their 31st.

Marc Lavoine had exchanged his usual glasses for very distinguished twins, while Florent Pagny made his voice tremble with his talents on Vivo per lei. Vianney has tried to be calmer than usual in her chair, as the look for the evening returns to Amel Bent. Sofia and Hana’s mom appeared in dreadlocks, while she wore a stunning apple green outfit, consisting of an oversized waistcoat matched with very seventies pants. An outfit which, in reality, was mostly a joke from Vianney, who suggested to his mate that they both dress in green! Except that the interpreter of Beau papa adopted for a fairly versatile green, unlike that of Amel Bent.

A look straight out of an underground fashion show, which did not fail to make Internet users react when the singer took the stage with her talents to interpret The way you make me feel by Michael Jackson. Some were very inspired and compared Amel Bent squarely to a character from the Teletubbies, while others severely scoffed at the look. “Are we talking about Amel Bent’s fluorescent green yellow outfit? I think even Thomas Pesquet sees her in the space station ”,“ Prepare to see montages with Amel Bent’s clothes on ”,“ Just why? Why the outfit? Why the hairstyle? ”,“ What is this outfit? ”,“ I or Amel Bent’s outfit is more pajamas than anything else ”, many Internet users commented. In the midst of these many tweets, only one seemed to enjoy this rather unexpected outfit. “I love Amel Bent’s style tonight, not everyone can wear it but it suits him really well”, said this fan, obviously the only one to be charmed!

Amel Bent tonight it’s too green, too long, too many braids but not too many voices on the other hand #TheVoice

Are we talking about Amel Bent’s neon yellow green outfit? I think even Thomas Pesquet sees her in the space station #TheVoice

Love Amel Bent’s style tonight not everyone can wear it but it looks really good on her that was the point # fashioninsta # TheVoice

Amel Bent

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