The prefect of Var, Evence Richard, announced this Friday, October 29, the ban on access to forest areas that burned during the Gonfaron fire this summer during the weekend of All Saints.

While the Var was placed on yellow rain-flood and thunderstorm vigilance, the prefect also decided to prohibit for this All Saints weekend access to the forest areas which burned this summer during the Gonfaron fire.

“The trees set on fire during this summer are fragile and could fall under the cumulative effect of the wind and the showers. The accumulations of rain expected this weekend on the Maures massif also risk causing landslides due to the absence of rain. vegetation and make the tracks impassable “, specifies the prefecture of Var in a press release.

The communes of Gonfaron, Les Mayons, Vidauban, La Garde-Freinet, Grimaud, Cogolin and La Môle are affected by the prefectural decree taken by Evence Richard.

Météo France alerted Thursday to a potential Mediterranean episode to come for this All Saints weekend in the Var and the Alpes-Maritimes.

The Var has also been placed on yellow rain-flood and thunderstorm vigilance this Friday afternoon until 6 p.m., then will be again from Saturday at 3 a.m. until Sunday midnight.

In Hyères, where a waterspout was seen this Friday afternoon, the precipitation has already caused accumulations of 60 millimeters during the last four hours.

This weekend, accumulations per hour of 5 to 10mm are expected, and up to 20mm locally under thunderstorms.

The prefecture of Var calls for great vigilance during the Mediterranean episode and in particular near waterways.


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