Thousands across the country rose with the sun on Anzac Day to remember the ultimate sacrifice made by those who fought for our freedom.

A Sunshine Coast veteran hopes that the annual commemoration will help start a conversation about the support available to other women who have served.

Krishell Ennis joined the Navy at age 22 and spent nine years of her life as a Sailor for communication information systems.

Despite years of experience, Ms. Ennis said she struggled to find her stand after re-entering civilian life in 2013.

“I think the biggest problem when I left, and I think it still is today, is the transition between the military and the civilian world,” she said.

“There is no explanation for Your skills and what type of job you can choose now.

Ms. Ennis said the lack of guidance has compromised their mental health and often made veterans feel like no one would give them a chance.

” In the end, you might think I should just go back (to service) because as far as I know I have all of these skills but no one wants to give me a job. “

Although services are available to help the process Simplify, Ms. Ennis said little information was given to make it easier for veterans to access assistance.

“There isn’t a small handy package that says where to go when you go,” she said .

“When you feel isolated, especially psychologically Health, there is nothing that says who your contacts are.

Ms. Ennis said she believed that young women in particular could be particularly isolated when they return.

After starting a wellness group for female veteran colleagues, she said a big step in solving the problem was actively helping members feel included.

“We had women who weren’t actually engaged and just watched programs and events, “she said.

“They came to our wellness event and said,” This is the first one I’ve come to. “It was just wonderful to see that we were able to include those who might otherwise have been isolated.”

Ms. Ennis advised encouraging veterans to speak up and network with others on their return to make sure that they don’t have any more problems.

“It’s hugely important that people still connect. It’s the breakup that causes a lot of problems,” she said.

“It’s important that people know who you are. If you’re not doing well, we can judge.

” If someone doesn’t comment on the site or speaks negatively, you can know what not related to character. “

Ms. Ennis said the STEPS Young Veterans Support Program is a way for veterans to get back into the community.

The initiative provides specialized employment support, starting at identifying career paths, translating military experience into applicable skills in the workplace, to helping highlight your new role.

Ms. Ennis said she hoped and wished that access to these programs would become the standard for veterans a more positive change in their experience.

“Sit there to connect with others and know that support and help is always available to you,” she said.

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