Thanks to his superb performance against Clermont, the Niçois Amine Gouiri is the player of the day. Brestois Romain Faivre and Brendan Chardonnet, then Rennais Lovro Majer in particular, also distinguished themselves this weekend and appear in the 14th edition of the provisional type team of Maxifoot.

As in previous seasons, after each day of the championship, Maxifoot composes its typical team. The best “eleven” and seven substitutes are chosen according to their performance. The holders collect three points, the substitutes receive one point.

Note, a new edition of this typical team of the 14th day, final this time, will be published after the decisions concerning the Lyon-Marseille match, definitively stopped this Sunday.

12. Alfred Gomis (Rennes) 13. Christophe Hérelle (Brest) 14. Adrien Truffert (Rennes) 15. Sofiane Diop (AS Monaco) 16. Martin Terrier (Rennes) 17. Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain) 18. Kylian Mbappé (Paris Saint-Germain)

Once again, the Nice striker changed everything! While his team was heading towards defeat and he had just been put back in the center following the exit of Dolberg, the Lyon striker allowed the Gym to win by scoring a double full of class , the result of two individual exploits. A performance that will make you forget 75 more complicated minutes with less influence on the game than usual.

It’s simple, without the exceptional parades of its goalkeeper, Nantes would have been led by several goals and the match would have been folded even before half-time. The captain of the Canaries sickened the MNM with two duels won against Messi, one against Mbappé and another against Neymar. Excuse the little! Taken on the wrong foot on the opening goal, lobbed by Appiah then victim of a strike from Messi, the goalkeeper can do nothing on the goals conceded.

A good copy for the right side of Rennes. Particularly moving in his lane, the captain of the Breton club offered many solutions and was rewarded for his efforts with this decisive pass for Terrier with a nice center. Irreproachable thereafter, he also signed a good defensive return against Gioacchini in his area.

The Portuguese central defender was huge in the first half. Decisive passer on the goal of David’s break, he was impressive in the duels by pushing back all the balls in his zone. After the break, it was he who saved Grbic from the equalizer by dismissing a ball on his line following a clever strike from Volland. He has nothing to be ashamed of.

For his return from injury, the Brest captain was simply excellent. Very attentive in the duels with Ganago or Jean, the central defender recovered many balls and was rarely in difficulty. Not to spoil anything, he sublimated his copy with this goal, a little lucky, with a deflection of the back on a corner of Faivre. A successful comeback!

A real cannonball! On the lawn of Troyes, the left side of AS Saint-Etienne released his team with a superb powerful strike to open the scoring. A decisive goal to allow the victory of the Greens. Serious defensively, the Peruvian was particularly interesting in his climbs with several goal balls given to his partners, especially on a shot from Nordin on the post.

A hot match! Author of a very high recovery on Frankowski, the former Monegasque allowed Le Douaron to serve Mounié on the opener. Active and fair afterwards, he was rewarded with this decisive pass, on a corner, for Chardonnet’s goal. Despite a less prosperous period after a blow received from Medina, the Brestois regained color quite quickly with this nice goal, with a shot placed and wound at the entrance to the surface. A real talent.

Rennes’ talent stinks of football! In great shape in recent weeks, the midfielder has continued his momentum on this part. And yet, the Croatian international had technical waste in his attempts … but he never stops trying! With the constant will to play forward, he provoked, again and again, the opposing defense to seek the fatal shift. Involved in the action of opening the scoring by throwing Traoré, he was at the conclusion of a superb collective movement with this recovery to shake the nets. His second half, however, was more discreet. It still smells like crack!

Due to the absences within his workforce, the coach of AS Saint-Etienne has decided to align his attacking midfielder in a more remote role. What a good idea ! In the midfield, the Algerian international shone with a huge impact on the construction of the game. Omnipresent, he perfectly oriented the game of his people with a good technical quality to play forward. Decisive passer on Trauco’s goal, he even came close to scoring, but Gallon deflected his free kick on the bar.

A superb copy for the Bordeaux winger. Aligned on the right side, the former Rémois posed big concerns to the Messins. Decisive passer on the opening of the score of Elis, he then signed a double by being particularly effective in the zone of truth. Dangerous, the Bordelais offered many solutions to his partners and was the best player of this meeting.

Associated with Mounié in attack, the Brest striker was especially noted for his XXL generosity. Very active, he stepped up his efforts, both in his pressing but also in his races. Confidence by his decisive pass at the start of the game on Mounié’s opener, he was fair in his passes, like a goal ball given to Honorat, who lost his duel. In the process, he was rewarded with this nice goal with a strike in the skylight.

1. Savanier (Montpellier): 13 points2. Guendouzi (Marseille) – Mbappe (Paris-SG): 12 points 4. Clauss, Frankowski (Lens) – Laborde (Montpellier 1 pts, then Rennes) – Gouiri (Nice) – Marquinhos, Gueye, Hakimi (Paris-SG) – Sulemana (Rennes): 10 points 12. Payet (Marseille) – Caio Henrique (Monaco) – Lafont (Nantes): 9 points 15. Lopes (Lyon) – Herrera (Paris-SG) – Traoré (Rennes): 8 points 18. David (Lille): 7 points19. Boufal, Cabot (Angers) – Faivre (Brest) – Doucoure (Lens) – Bruno Guimarães (Lyon) – Luan Peres (Marseille) – Kouyate (Metz) – Todibo, Dante (Nice) – Majer, Aguerd, Tait (Rennes) – Diallo (Strasbourg): 6 points32. Bernardoni (Angers) – Fofana (Lens) – Green (St-Etienne) – Thomasson (Strasbourg): 5 points 36. Traoré (Angers) – Pembele (Bordeaux) – Le Douaron (Brest) – Bayo (Clermont-F.) – Saïd, Kalimuendo (Lens) – Emerson, Lucas Paquetá, Caqueret (Lyon) – Ünder (Marseille) – Tchouaméni, Volland ( Monaco) – Delort (Montpellier 3 pts, then Nice) – Girotto (Nantes) – Neymar (Paris-SG) – Faes (Reims) – Truffert, Gomis (Rennes) – Khazri, Sow (St-Etienne) – Nyamsi (Strasbourg) : 4 points57. Petkovic (Angers) – Mexer, Briand, Costil, Oudin (Bordeaux) – Pierre-Gabriel, Chardonnet (Brest) – N’Simba, Berthomier, Rashani (Clermont-F.) – Sotoca, Danso, Gradit (Lens) – Botman, Tiago Djaló (Lille) – Moffi, Le Goff (Lorient) – Boateng (Lyon) – Saliba, De La Fuente, Mbacke Dieng (Marseille) – Sarr, Centonze (Metz) – Germain, Omlin, Esteve (Montpellier) – Chirivella, Blas , Castelletto, Kolo Muani (Nantes) – Atal, Thuram-Ulien, Bard, Benítez, Dolberg (Nice) – Diallo, Kehrer, Di María, Navas (Paris-SG) – Ekitike, Moreto Cassamã, Konan (Reims) – Martin, Bourigeaud, Terrier (Rennes) – Boudebouz, Trauco, Nordin (St-Etienne) – Ajorque, Sissoko, Djiku, Sels (Strasbourg): 3 points109. Aouar (Lyon) – Diop (Monaco) – Chavalerin (Troyes): 2 points112. Mendy, Cho (Angers) – S. Gregersen, Adli, Hwang, J. Onana (Bordeaux) – Hérelle, Bizot, Cardona (Brest) – Gastien (Clermont-F.) – Leca (Lens) – André, A. Onana, Grbic, Yilmaz, Weah (Lille) – Lauriente (Lorient) – Denayer, Shaqiri, Toko Ekambi (Lyon) – Pol Lirola, Rongier, Pau López (Marseille) – Oukidja (Metz) – Golovin, Ben Yedder, Gelson Martins (Monaco) – Mollet, Ferri, Mavididi, Sakho (Montpellier) – Pallois, Simon (Nantes) – Lotomba, Boudaoui (Nice) – Messi (Paris-SG) – Rajkovic (Reims) – Meling (Rennes) – Perrin (Strasbourg) – Gallon, Biancone (Troyes): 1 point

1. Paris-SG – 67 points2. Rennes – 63 points 3. Lens – 49 points 4. Marseille – 43 points 5. Nice – 40 points 6. Lyon – 34 points7. Montpellier – 30 points 8. Strasbourg – 28 points 9. Nantes – 27 points10. Angers – 26 points 11. Monaco, St-Etienne – 22 points 13. Bordeaux – 20 points 14. Brest – 19 points 15. Lille – 18 points16. Reims, Clermont-F. – 14 points 18. Metz – 13 points 19. Lorient – 7 points20. Troyes – 4 points

It was the provisional typical team for the 14th day of Ligue 1. See you next Sunday to discover the typical team for the 15th day!

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