Kendji Girac: No, I’m not 32 years old. I’m 24 now. 25 soon.

Kendji Girac: Yes, I just went to the flight case. It’s a big box to put the wires in when you have a gig. A lot of people were waiting for me outside, so I had to walk from studio to studio in a small box. I was hiding. Me, I laughed and died in the club, and saw all the people screaming waiting for me, and it was still an amazing time. I was 17 and had just left The Voice.

Kendji Girac: I’m not saying it because I don’t meet my best friend so much, but I am good friends. Eva, I first met her at the start of my career. I did a gala for her. She invited me over and one day I sang to her, I sang “Bella”, but I said “Eva! Eva! ”. And there she loved it. So I contacted him afterwards. I went to see her in Los Angeles. She sends me a small gift. Sometimes she sends me a message, and she’s a very, very kind person.

Kendji Girac: So 34 guitars, no. I don’t have 34 guitars, but I need 7.

Kendji Girac: The growth is too fast… I think so. I think I grew up too fast. It goes very quickly. Today we have not seen the years go by. I love myself … I loved my childhood, and I never wanted to grow up, I always wanted to be a child. But now life means growing up and starting to care about adults.

Kendji Girac: No, I don’t hate him. I love it. I saw them and saw them again and I appreciated them. I can see them again. I grew up. This is my childhood. We all grew up with Harry Potter. My favorite is Harry Potter. It’s Mr. Potter. It’s him. I always wanted him to marry Hermione. It’s a little upset for me.

Kendji Girac: I don’t know if it’s too much to say yes, but my ears are thin. Useful for composing, helping to hear slight false sounds and finishing touches … used to liven up sounds when in the studio.

Kendji Girac: Replace Nikos… The Nikos all have the same power and elegance on stage, so I think you have to be very professional … so you have to be very professional I must say. Therefore, trading Nikos is complicated, but I would like to do it. Can you imagine his might if he replaces Nikos? But that wouldn’t be possible.

Kendji Girac: Yes. I remember. I hit him on my head. I wasn’t wearing a helmet, and my dad killed me most of the day. And I climbed a tree without a helmet. And Pruner, it fell on my head, but it fell on the right side.

Kendji Girac: I left with Biannie, my cousin, Renault Robilot… we went to Jamaica. We did a lot of sounds and it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed Jamaica.

Kendji Girac: Do you own a football club? No not yet. I want to, but not yet.

Kendji Girac: Yes, it’s an American tour. I had a concert there. I started in Canada. There was Los Angeles in Miami. The dates, they are complete. But because of the Covid, we had to go home. Please hand it over.

Kendji Girac: I support PSG, yes, loud and clear, sorry. But I live in the south. I also like OM. I don’t know if I installed the mode or what I installed. But now I like it. For example, I speak Catalan and I also like Madrid. In fact, I am a model.

Kendji Girac: In fact, sleeping on the floor for five days was very difficult, with incredible cold, lizards and crabs. If you have to do it again, if you make money for the association, start over. But it was so difficult that I had to say that I didn’t want to start again in Gims. But in real life, if you need to do it again, it’s true. Like I said, if it’s funding, let’s go.

Kendji Girac: Yes, yes, I toured with Johnny Hallyday, but not especially with him. He has spent a few moments in his film on stage. No, I, I am on stage, and he, he passes, and he sees my concert from afar.