From this Wednesday August 4, Cyril Féraud invites us to take height. “The treasure map” is back to brighten up our holidays.

Sitting in the opposite direction of flight, he learned to control his nausea as the Cineflex camera, placed under the craft, takes sublime aerial views of castles and gardens. Since 2018, the France 3 games host has taken over the reins of this program previously presented by Sylvain Augier and whose audiences are continuing. And for good reason ! “The treasure map” combines two ingredients that are successful, especially in summer: adventure and escape.

For all those who have been discouraged by the covid restrictions put in place by Emmanuel Macron, and who have therefore given up on spending their holidays in France, they will be all the more delighted to admire the Canal du Midi, on a play area. which runs along the canal from Montesquieu-Lauragais to Sallèles-d’Aude, via Castelnaudary and Carcassonne. These are therefore three departments that the candidates will fly over: Haute-Garonne, Tarn and Aude, because they will have to unravel the secrets of the sources of the Canal du Midi. They will then set off on the winding paths of the majestic Black Mountain, where the multiple streams are born that feed and feed the canal. Finally, they will set off on its Mediterranean side in search of spectacular works of art. A remarkable architectural heritage that makes up the richness of this site, which is now a UNESCO site.

“The treasure map hasn’t aged a bit, it’s still a family show with adventure and culture for all generations. I like this role of conveyor of culture and heritage, “Cyril Féraud reaffirms with overwhelming enthusiasm.

But how is such a show going? “We identify strong places. We are working on the keywords and the photo-index, which guide or lose the candidates. As for me, I have a 100-page notebook on the history of the region, “he replies when asked about the elaboration of the puzzles. Wouldn’t the natives of a department be more advantaged? “Just because you are from a region does not mean you know its history. Locals sometimes make discoveries thanks to La carte! Those to watch out for are rather regular vacationers, who are formidable connoisseurs, “he retorts. A good hearer!

Note that the number of the following Wednesday will be very bucolic. It will be set in New Aquitaine and more precisely Lot-et-Garonne, in a playing area that will go from Duras, in the north, to Nérac, in the south, via Monflanquin. The challenge will be to unravel the secrets of some of the most beautiful castles in France. Hidden passages, underground galleries, hidden doors, miraculous fountains, in the wake of the “Vert-Galant”, King Henry IV, known for his countless female conquests.

Some viewers pointed to the hiatus between the content of the show (the apology for the beauty of nature with its landscapes seen from above) and the means to obtain these images. Riding a helicopter is not really green. Not false. Especially since the daily “Le Parisien” took charge of the carbon footprint of the show. “According to our calculations, the four AS 355 Squirrels burn 12,000 liters of kerosene per issue, or nearly 100,000 liters over the season. As much as for 50 Paris-Tahiti round trips by plane ”, affirm our colleagues. What, polluting, his program? The host felt stung, and he insisted on putting out the fire. On the one hand, thanks to a partnership with Reforest’Action, the carbon footprint of travel is offset by reforestation projects all over the world, including in Belgium. On the other hand, “if we compare the carbon footprint of the show with that of a large variety program, shot in the studio, with thousands of projectors, hundreds of screens and generators, which turn without stopping throughout the day, we quickly see which of the two is the most polluting, ”assured the host.

“The treasure map”, Wednesday August 4, 8:55 pm, France 3.

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