For this fifth edition, 43 houses proposed a title of their choice to the faithful jury of the Friday Prize, composed of Michel Abescat (Télérama), Raphaële Botte (Mon Quotidien; Lire), Philippe-Jean Catinchi (Le Monde), Françoise Dargent (Le Figaro), Marie Desplechin (author), Sophie Van der Linden (author and literary critic) and Nathalie Riché (literary critic, Allonz’enfants).








More rooted in the times than ever and addressing important societal themes, the following 10 titles are in the running for the Friday 2021 award:

Out of competition, because winner in 2019: D’ors et d’apillers, Flore Vesco, L’école des loisirs.

The Friday 2021 Prize will be awarded in Paris on November 8. It also relies on the Association Lecture Jeunesse as a partner. The latter, which works to develop reading, writing and speaking skills for all adolescents, will host several round tables with the selected authors.

“Always mobilized for the reading of teenagers, it is with enthusiasm that Lecture Jeunesse is associated with this new edition of the Friday Prize to develop their imagination and serve this great national cause that is reading”, indicates Sonia de Leusse-Le Guillou, director of Lecture Jeunesse.

First national price for adolescent literature created in 2016 to promote the dynamism and quality of creation of contemporary children’s literature, the Friday Prize rewards, each year, a French-language work intended for those over 13 years old.

It is endowed with an amount of 2,000 euros thanks to the support of the La Poste Corporate Foundation. The Friday Prize also benefits from the support of SOFIA, and is organized in partnership with Je Bouquine and the Youth Reading Association.

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Three ballots were necessary to determine the winning work of the Lorientales 2021 Prize. Sara Omar was distinguished for her book La laveuse de mort, published by Actes Sud editions in a translation by Macha Dathi. She faced, on the last lap, Colum Mc Cann, with Apeirogon (Belfond, translation by Clément Baude).

09/06/2021, 16:59

For their second year of existence, the Les Inrockuptibles Awards offer a new selection of back-to-school publications, not limited to French or foreign novels. Essays, comics and first novels are thus highlighted. 50 titles are part of these first selections …

09/06/2021, 16:28

The Albert Bichot Literary Prize is awarded as part of the Livres en Vignes festival. It rewards a contemporary work. The latest winning authors are Laurent Bénégui, Olivier Bleys, Akli Tadjer, Jean-François Kervéan, Metin Arditi, Patricia Reznikov and Jean-Paul Delfino.

09/06/2021, 12:23

The 20th Prix du Roman Fnac was awarded to Jean-Baptiste Del Amo for his novel The Son of Man, published by Gallimard editions. The award is in addition to those already obtained in the past by the writer, in particular the Prix Goncourt for the first novel (for A libertine education, Gallimard) and the Prix du Livre Inter (Animal kingdom, Gallimard).

09/06/2021, 09:38

At the invitation of the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Sciences (ALECSO) and the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF), the jury of the Ibn Khaldoun- Senghor, from French to Arabic and from Arabic to French, met on September 2, 2021, by videoconference, to designate the winner of the current edition.

09/03/2021, 15:09

Chaired this year by actor and theater director Thibault de Montalembert, the “Ginkgo Prize” rewards the audio version of a contemporary French novel published during the first half of 2021. This Friday, September 3, the jury announced its winner : Jean Teulé, for Crenom, Baudelaire! read by Dominique Pinon (Listen to Read).

09/03/2021, 14:56

Mobylette by Frédéric Ploussard, published by Editions Héloïse’Ormesson, won the Stanislas Prize, for a best first novel. This award prefigures among the other prizes at the Le Livre sur la Place fair, organized in Nancy from September 10 to 12. It will also be awarded to the winner during the event on Saturday 11 September.

09/03/2021, 12:41

Nothing belongs to you by Nathacha Appanah (Gallimard) wins the Prix des Libraires de Nancy – Le Point 2021, an award that prefigures the Le Livre sur la Place fair, organized in Nancy from September 10 to 12. It will also be awarded to the winner during the event on September 10.

09/03/2021, 11:47

The second edition of the prison writing competition, Get Out of It, is underway. This project aims to promote the reintegration of detainees by combating illiteracy. The competition is open to all.

09/03/2021, 10:09

Awarded each year under the aegis of the World Intellectual Property Organization (Ompi), the ABC International Excellence Award recognizes initiatives and publishers for their action in favor of the accessibility of books to people with disabilities. A French interministerial steering committee is one of those appointed.

09/02/2021, 16:36

Making the bet of a new voice of French literature which will become essential tomorrow, privileging the audacity and the unexpected, proposing the discovery of the literary re-entry: these are the stakes of the Blù-Jean-Marc Roberts prize, created in 2017 , Who wants to be in the image of this passionate editor and writer.

09/01/2021, 11:42

Who said that sport and literature are irreconcilable? The Jules Rimet Prize – Sport & Literature – is there to prove the contrary. It was created in 2012 by the Association Jules Rimet Sport et Culture, with the support of the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation. The list of books selected for this new edition which marks the 10th anniversary of the Prize has just been announced.

09/01/2021, 11:24

To accompany the Prix L’inpromptu for the first French-speaking novel, created in 2018, the Parisian bookshop L’inpromptu has added two other awards to it, the Prix L’inpromptu for the first international novel and the Prix L’inpromptu for the Parisian novel. The selections have been stopped.

09/01/2021, 10:22

Created in 2008 by Akwaba Culture, an association governed by Ivorian law, the Ivoire Prize for African Literature of Francophone Expression rewards emerging authors from Africa and African diasporas. It is sponsored by the Ministry in charge of Culture of Côte d’Ivoire and the International Organization of La Francophonie, and benefits from the support of the French Embassy and the Librairie de France Groupe de Côte d ‘Ivory.

08/31/2021, 11:52

An emblematic bar in Lille, Le Cheval Blanc is inaugurating its literary prize in 2021, “to strengthen the festive and cultural tradition of the Café du Cheval Blanc and distinguish promising young authors”. 25 titles were selected in the first selection by the 10 members of the jury.

08/31/2021, 10:58

For its fifth edition, The Furet du Nord / Decitre group, in partnership with Crédit Agricole Nord de France, and L’Express unveils the winner of the Prix Première Plume 2021. With this prize, our booksellers wish to highlight every year authors of the R Entrée Littéraire in the “Premier Novel” category, for the strength of their stories and the emotions they instilled in us.

08/30/2021, 18:16

Created in 1996, and awarded during the Nice Book Festival, held in June on the Promenade des Anglais, the Nice Baie des Anges Prize rewards a novel published in the twelve months preceding the Festival. This year, the jury for the Prix Nice Baie des Anges had selected eight novels. This Monday, August 30, 2021, he crowned Jean-Luc Barré for his work The Original Body, published by Editions Grasset.

08/30/2021, 15:45

After a first selection presented at the beginning of the summer, the jury marked the end of the holidays for the Prix Maison rouge Biarritz, by designating the winner of its third edition. Abel Quentin, who published at L’Observatoire Le Voyant d’Étampes wins, in front of the waves and the spray …

08/27/2021, 12:49

The magazine Transfuge extends the literary prize ball, with no less than 14 books from the literary season that have been selected, across 13 categories. Because, for the best French novel, we will have not one, but two titles equal …

08/27/2021, 11:37

Author Julie Ruocco is the winner of the 2021 Sent Envoy by La Poste Prize, which honors her book Furies, published by Actes Sud editions. Created in 2015 by the La Poste Corporate Foundation, this award goes to a manuscript sent by mail, without specific recommendation, to an editor who, with his reading committee, detects a talent for writing and decides to publish it.

08/26/2021, 15:11

In view of the health situation, the Leenaards Foundation, based in Switzerland, has chosen to award 20 cultural scholarships – against 8 in previous years. Each prize, endowed with 30,000 Swiss francs, recognizes the work of artists in different sectors. The literary community sees three of its actors rewarded: a writer, a translator, as well as a publishing house.

08/26/2021, 11:47

Among the 32 works that it selected in July, the jury of the Prix du Roman Fnac – made up of 400 booksellers and 400 Fnac members – chose to nominate four novels as finalists “for their committed texts, mirrors of the questions of our society” …

08/26/2021, 10:28

Like last year, Le Point and France Inter are teaming up for the literary re-entry. And unveil their selection of ten titles (five French and five foreign) distinguishing the outstanding novels of the literary season 2021.

08/26/2021, 09:32

Since its creation in 2006 by the Ulysse bookstore and the Serge Blanco group, the Pierre Loti Prize, in Hendaye, rewards a story centered on a journey. Works of fiction and imaginary journeys are excluded. This year, the winner is Mélusine Mallender, for her book The Ways of Freedom, published by Robert Laffont.

08/25/2021, 14:39

In order to allow a larger audience each year to participate in the City of Lausanne Readers’ Prize, the event is changing its format for its 2022 edition. While the winning novel was chosen by a jury of ten people selected in advance, the Prize will now be awarded by all French-speaking readers who wish to participate. Meetings with the nominated authors take place from October 2, 2021 to February 12, 2022. The winner will be announced on March 31, 2022.

08/25/2021, 11:12

For the 9th year, Les Éditions du Net and ActuaLitté are organizing the Francophone Manuscript Day on October 24th. Inspired by the music festival where all musicians can play, Manuscript Day allows all authors to publish their book for free and try to win the Grand Prix du Manuscrit Francophone or one of the 7 Literary Prizes. Now international, she has nearly a million followers on her Facebook page – which is also why she has received the support of UNESCO and the National Publishing Union.

08/25/2021, 10:29

The Literature of the Imaginary Commission of the association La 25e Heure du Livre, organizer of the Le Mans literary festival, awarded its 2021 Imaginary Prize to the novel Le sang de la cité, by Guillaume Chamanadjian, published by Editions Aux Forges de Vulcain .

08/24/2021, 11:49

The Association of Comic Book Critics and Journalists (ACBD) has unveiled its selection of five titles competing for the 2021 Comics-ACBD Prize, submitted to the votes of journalists and critics who are members of the organization. The ACBD Comics Critics Prize selection committee met for the third time to develop a selection, submitted to the vote of journalists and critics who are members of the association. The winning album will be released on October 29th.

08/19/2021, 15:45

The BPE Heritage Prize is endowed with 5,000 euros. For its fifth edition, it will be awarded on Monday, September 20 at the Hôtel de la Marine (Paris 8th) during a private party and by invitation.

08/16/2021, 13:46

The writer received this award, saluting his entire career, which will be presented on the occasion of the 2021 Campiello Prize final, on September 4 at the Arsenal in Venice. Since 2010, it has been awarded by the Campiello Foundation to an eminent personality in contemporary Italian literary culture. Its previous laureates are Alessandro Baricco (2020), Isabella Bossi Fedrigotti (2019), Marta Morazzoni (2018), Rosetta Loy (2017), Ferdinando Camon (2016), Sebastiano Vassalli (2015), Claudio Magris (2014), Alberto Arbasino ( 2013), Dacia Maraini (2012), Andrea Camilleri (2011) and Carlo Fruttero (2010).

08/13/2021, 11:30

Eight new voices to discover, eight surprising, promising, remarkable, innovative titles to read and discuss in the clubs of the first novel! Marie-Soleil Cool-Cotte, librarian, Yannick Marcoux, columnist, Éric Simard, bookseller, and Marie-Ève ​​Thuot, writer: the four members of the 2021 selection committee read the entire production of the first Quebec and Franco-Canadian novels published these Last 12 months. They debated and then selected the reading titles for the new season of Rendez-vous du premier roman and Lectures Plurielles.

08/11/2021, 09:16

The European Prize for Political Culture of the Hans Ringier Foundation has been awarded for the year 2021 to the German philosopher and essayist Peter Sloterdijk. This Prize, endowed with 50,000 euros, has been in existence for fifteen years now. It was presented during the traditional “Republican Dinner” on August 7, held at the Hotel Castello del Sole in Ascona.

08/09/2021, 10:41

There is still time to submit an application for the 2021 edition of the Fleury-Mesplet Prize! Participants have until August 13 to submit the candidacy of a professional, professional, from the book industry using the form proposed here.

08/04/2021, 09:16

The Grand Prix du Livre d’Archéologie and the Prix de la BD d’Archéologie are both awarded on November 6, 2021 in Narbonne, during the Rencontres d’Archéologie de la Narbonnaise. While the first rewards an author capable of synthesizing and simply exposing the major questions of archeology, the second rewards a comic strip related to archeology, whether in its content, its fiction or in collaboration with archaeologists.

08/02/2021, 15:02

The 2021 Bancarella Prize of Pontremoli (Massa-Carrara) was awarded to Ema Stokholma, author of Per il mio bene, published by HarperCollins, which received 140 votes from independent booksellers. This is the 69th edition of this literary award, born in 1953 in Mulazzo (Massa-Carrara, Tuscany), which takes place every year on the penultimate Saturday or Sunday in July. A first selection establishes the six finalist books to which the Selezione Bancarella Prize is awarded. The big winner is then chosen among them, then designated during the final evening.

07/26/2021, 17:53

No less than 11 novels planned for the literary re-entry have been selected for the Le Monde Literary Prize. The 2021 edition is no exception to the rule, titles expected, others less likely …

07/22/2021, 19:36

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