A montage ? We ? Hahahaha, it’s been a long time since we got this one.

This Friday, the Knicks received the Tornado Suns at home. Within 48 minutes, the Arizonans rolled out a clean basketball without ever panicking at the threat of a possible New York return. We debrief.

To open at night, one could hardly hope for better. An electric clash between the Suns – on 14 consecutive wins – and the Knicks, better but still not impeccable, who are simply trying to progress. Everyone is there, with a few exceptions: only Derrick Rose, Abdel Nader and Taj Gibson remained on the técô to treat the ailments. Absentees already forgotten when, four minutes after the jump ball, Evan Fournier is 3/3 of the parking lot. The Garden speakers then sent big Line Renaud and the States withdrew from the sale of the submarines to Australia. We appreciate the first contacts between Mitchell Robinson and Deandre Ayton, even if the second manages more to make the differences on pick-and-roll. Despite this domestic deficit, therefore, the Knicks are setting a few units apart, so even Kemba Walker is starting to crash. It’s rare that he and Evan are good on the same night, so the effect is immediate. But a falling cactus makes more noise than a growing forest and while Chris Paul isn’t in it yet, Devin Booker, Mikal Bridges and Jae Crowder are taking matters into their own hands. The trio is extremely bad for the Knicks who, little by little, fall back into their offensive crosses and lose consistency. And then, D-Book pulled out the blonde locks and alternated between low tempo mid-range shots, played from the shoulder, and incisive penetrations. Still in sync, Evan Fournier and Kemba Walker are now zero. The Frenchie releases his best airball and, before half-time, goes from 3/3 in shooting to… 3/11. The Statue of Liberty is instantly sent back to the port of Saint-Nazaire (New York Knicks 44 – 58 Phoenix Suns).

A second period a poco too ping-pong for our taste, with a gap already made. The Suns undergo assaults but still hold this lead of 10, 15 units thanks to demonstrations of zenitude signed by Devin Booker and Chris Paul. The first named captivates the part of his aura much too cushy, made of small graved hesitations of the opposing hips. We are not allowed to travel by plane with shampoo, but Devin Booker comes to New York with his mid-range shot, a weapon far more effective than all the bans. Faced with this, the big clumsiness and the hassle that the Knicks experience in unrolling their offensive systems condemned the meeting. We regret the old performance of Evan who ends the game with 11 points, 5 rebounds and 2 balls lost at 4/15 on the shot. And to think that he had already scored 9 points after 4 minutes of play is annoying. Maintained at 97 points, the residents of the Garden fell victim to the excellent defense made in Suns. In the shadow of his 11 points and 3 steals, a guy like Jae Crowder is – in a world where Devin Booker does synchronized swimming – the man of the match. And so, Devin Booker was the real daron of this meeting: 32 points at 52% shooting including 4/9 at 3-points, under the plans of the Garden, for a fifteenth consecutive victory? It’s just crazy.

A special mention to the bench of Phoenix, very useful to create the first gap at the end of the first quarter / beginning of the second. Hello to Cameron Johnson (10/3/2), JaVale McGee (6/8), Landry Shamet (8/1/2) and Cameron Payne (13/2/6).

Make it to the next corner, and although it’s called the Brooklyn Nets, it’s still largely surmountable. At least as long as Devin Booker continues to roll off like he’s the son of a Wilson ball.

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