Tickets for Townsville’s state of origin seem to sell out in seconds, with nearly 25,000 people online to buy tickets.

A big keyword was formed on the Ticketek website that made customers longingly waiting to buy their ticket.

EARLY: Fans were left on the line as the first ticket launch for Origin sold out in just 30 seconds before the Cowboys Leagues Club system crashed and hundreds of fans were turned away.

Fans lined the streets in front of the league club to buy tickets for the historic first state of origin next Wednesday.

Although the first batch popped off the shelves in just 30 seconds, members lined the sidewalk.

Many fans were frustrated and disappointed when they were told to go online to buy their tickets because their system stopped working.

“At the moment we were told that the place was already sold out,” said Cowboys member Joe White.

“I’ve been waiting here for an hour and I’m obviously disappointed that I totally missed it.

“It was a one-time job for me. At my age it will never happen again.”

But not all Cowboys fans were disappointed as some footy tragedians hit a pot full of gold.


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Rugby League

Before tickets go on sale this afternoon, we can reveal what football fans need to give up to get a seat at the biggest game in Townsville history.


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