Miscellaneous The snow plow catches fire and blocks the road it had just cleared

INCIDENT While the snow and ice vigilance was triggered in Haute-Garonne, firefighters had to intervene in the south of the department to extinguish a fire that broke out on a snow plow

This Sunday, the Haute-Garonne department is still in
orange vigilance for the risk of
snow and ice. At the foot of
Pyrenees, a blanket of snow has already covered the roads and access to the resorts. This is the case on the Mongie side, where Météo-France recorded an accumulation of 108 cm at an altitude of 1,775 meters. To clear snow from the access to the town of Boutx, a snow plow intervened this Sunday morning on the RD44.

[INTERVENTION] The @ sdis31officiel firefighters (Marignac and Luchon centers) are currently in intervention for a snow plow fire in the town of Boutx le Mourtis. The D44 is completely closed. Please avoid the area. pic.twitter.com/LYUKMNWFxx

But getting this equipment back up and running, which has spent much of the year inactive, can sometimes be complicated. This is what happened as the snowplow in question caught fire. Haute-Garonne firefighters intervened to extinguish the fire which completely devastated the vehicle. The road, which should initially be cleared, was therefore blocked.


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