BREAKING NEWS: The Wizards are definitely not made for the Koh Lanta orienteering event and would be able to show Denis Brogniart three times in a row. Bingo, they decided to make the analogy and even the apology by suffering their third loss in their first round series against the Sixers. Their tormentors can be smiling anyway, since they’ve been playing their basketball for three games without having to sweat too much, and qualifying for the Conference semi-finals is now just 48 minutes away.

At 11-21 halfway through the first quarter, two aspects of the game – not allowing Washington and Philadelphia to play in the same court – were highlighted by an award-winning shot from Danny Green: success in shooting and defensive rebound responsiveness, and this explains why the Wizards have to run behind a ten point delay very quickly. Obviously, it’s easy to protect your circle when it’s Joel Embiid who owns his racquet. Here, 1/10 at 3-points to start on the Wizards side, and yet it is not Jamy but we will have to adjust the sights at the risk of being quickly drowned. At 40-46 halfway through the second quarter this time around, the two capital strongmen Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal have fixed their vision problem and are saving their team from dropping too much on the scoreboard. Now is the perfect time for Scotts Brooks to take a time-out, one of encouragement but not yet congratulations. And for good reason, the scenario continues to be the same, namely that at the slightest pressure, Philly has only to accelerate a little bit to give a 6 or an 8. Except that we are not in Uno but in Playoffs and that card 3 does not exist. And how much is 5 x 3? 15. And 15 is Danny Green’s halftime points. No, don’t tell me he caught fire and planted five shots from the parking lot before the break? If so, all over eight attempts, so it’s not for nothing that Marvel’s The Shooter is tattooed on his shoulder. Meanwhile, the one who takes gallons of ink to recount his exploits every night is already 25 points, 6 rebounds and 3 steals at the second pit stop, we’re talking about Joel Embiid.

If the Wizards couldn’t predict that Danny Green was going to make Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris’ presence on the floor all of his own, they couldn’t predict that the Sixers were going to plant absolutely all of their shots when they got back from the locker room, either. as if they were all advisers at Jardiland, even as Russell Westbrook had dug up some of them full of hope. 69-87 with eight minutes to play in the third quarter, it already smells very good for the blues and it stinks of mine for the grays. The Sixers are as efficient as ever and the Wizards as out of tune as ever, like a helpless alley-oop, literally, sent by George Hill and concluded by Ben Simmons. Washington abdicates? Not without a little offensive fault from Brodie to dig a little deeper into the ostrich head hole that D.C. seems to be comfortably seated in. It almost becomes sad as the WW’s face off against the Sixers’ B team early in the fourth round, with the executives left to comfort after their effort. Speaking of rest, if you did not know polyphasic sleep, you must have experienced it during the last quarter since observing an opposition between players at the end of the benches did not especially help you stay awake, but maybe a 3-point shot from Mike Scott or a hoop sound from Garrison Mathews made you jump anyway.

First “real” blow-out of this series between Philadelphia and Washington, during which we had, by sequences, the impression that the Sixers could shoot for hours and miss only one shot, but only via an in and out that only the laws of physics can explain. A starting five at 100 points and a team at almost 60% shooting success, the Process gang is starting a very strong, Process one, and good luck to the teams that will find themselves in their path.

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