“Do you remember how they kicked all of the older, vulnerable, longtime residents out of Sirius and turned off the water before the last of the residents were evicted?”

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The penthouse of Sydney’s iconic Sirius Building sold for $ 35 million – just three years after the last Housing Commission residents were forcibly evicted from the building.

According to Domain’s website, the penthouse was sold to a Point Piper buyer for the high price last Wednesday, along with another penthouse from the building that sold for US $ 19 million Dollar went to a Coogee buyer.

Sales come just a month after pictures released by the Australian Financial Review showed what the controversial brutalist building is likely to look like after its multi-million dollar renovation > The Sirius building in The Rocks was sold by the state government in 2019.

And despite the endless calls from the community, the building for the social W Sirius was bought by private developers for 150 million US dollars to preserve the building and put it under a preservation order.

The building has since been advertised as luxury accommodation and invites – only the rich – to “visit the world’s most famous port live ”.

Remember how you kicked all of the elderly, vulnerable, longtime residents out of Sirius and turned off the water before the last remaining residents were evicted? Well it was all for such a good cause – wasn’t it? DISGUSTING! A shame for everyone who is involved in it !!!! #sirius https://t.co/OHQXexoTqd

The Sirius building, also known as the “One Way Jesus” building, has been a feature of the port since the 1970s.

And for the In case you catch up: The building’s blocks of flats have been used primarily for social housing for low-income residents for decades.

It was actually built for the NSW Housing Commission to provide affordable and public housing in the city center, with some residents spend a large part of their lives there.

For those who don’t know: The Sirius building was a purpose-built social housing from the 1970s that was viciously sold in #privatisedsydney … https://t.co/StzqxknXtH

But that was until 2014, when it was announced that the building would be part of a massive billion dollar development in Barangaroo.

And what followed were residents – some of whom were prone to homelessness – living in the following years in a row r were kicked out of their beloved homes.

“When you consider that only 40 years ago we housed our weakest and lowest-income workers here, and in just 40 years our attitude towards living has changed so much that people from were evicted from their homes; destroyed a community so private interests can quickly make money from Sydney’s highly inflated real estate market, “said Ben Peake, spokesman for Save Our Sirius.

Speaking to Junkee earlier this year, Leo Patterson Ross, CEO of Tenants’ Association, said NSW said the state governments’ decision to sell properties like the Sirius building to private developers was a reaction to the lack of federal investment in social housing.

Since late 2020, the federal government has had responsibility for social housing Housing construction basically shifted to the federal states and demands for large investments rejected.

Patterson Ross said that public housing spending must be massively increased on a broad front. “It should be a no-brainer,” he said.

“The federal budget is another missed opportunity to give the country a fair chance … it is embarrassing for the country that we are not taking this opportunity,” said Patterson Ross .

When Sirius was sold, the NSW government announced that the sale money would help build public housing for about 630 people.

Since then, the number of public housing in the area has increased, but it’s unclear whether Sirius wins contributed. And since the news of the penthouse sales, people have raised concerns again that they want transparency on this.

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