Various facts The shooting against gendarmes in Gironde “almost a fact of war”

INVESTIGATION Gendarmes intervening in a camp for Travelers in Lesparre-Médoc (Gironde), suffered between 150 and 200 rifle shots on Saturday evening, for an hour and a quarter. A judicial investigation for attempted assassination has been opened

The investigation is continuing in the case of the shooting against gendarmes, which took place on Saturday evening in Lesparre-Médoc (Gironde). Four people, including three teenagers aged 15, 16 and 17, and a 25-year-old adult, were taken into police custody on Sunday. A
judicial investigation was opened “on the count of attempted assassination on a person holding public authority,” said Tuesday the
Bordeaux prosecutor’s office at 20 Minutes, which specifies that it has made requisitions for remand in custody against the suspects.

The gendarmes had been taken to task on Saturday evening, while they were intervening in an arson of a vehicle, on the place called Connau, in the town of Lesparre-Médoc. Engaged in a dirt road that leads to makeshift dwellings made of caravans and wooden huts, they came under 150 to 200 shots for more than an hour. No injuries were injured in the shooting, but the soldiers were shocked by the determination of the shooters.

Joined this Tuesday by 20 Minutes, Commander Cédric Roger, squadron leader of the Lesparre-Médoc company, and who himself intervened on the spot, recounts the scene. “Almost acts of war,” he emphasizes.

“We were alerted at 10:30 pm for this vehicle fire, at a place that we know well to have already intervened there many times”, underlines the commander. About thirty people live on this one hectare plot, located in the woods, in two separate camps. “These are the families of two brothers, from the settled Traveler community, who hate each other,” summarizes the squadron leader. “It has happened that rifle shots are fired, he continues, so that we took the usual precautions before our intervention, and set up a small device with a surveillance and intervention squad [Psig], who stayed on the outskirts of the camp at first. “

When they arrived at around 11 p.m., the gendarmes first sent two soldiers on the path leading to the field. “The latter proceed to the customary observations, which go smoothly, and even chat with the members of the first family, for about half an hour. Suddenly, they are taken to task, by individuals coming from the other side and shooting in their direction. “

It is then around 11:30 p.m. It is therefore dark, and the area is very wooded. “The gendarmes receive many pellets, and their vehicle is also” sprayed “. It is impossible for them to identify the exact number of shooters, and the pair decide to disassociate themselves, one of the two gendarmes putting the members of the first family in the shelter in one of the lodgings. “

The Psig then joined the first team and took up support. “When getting out of his vehicle, one of the gendarmes takes a volley of pellets in the thigh, not serious, but it sets the tone… And the shooting continues. The commander then went to the scene with other gendarmes, who cordoned off the area to prevent any exit or entry of vehicles into the camp. Then the Psig de Mérignac arrived as reinforcements, the device then amounting to 22 soldiers.

The shooting will continue for an hour and a quarter. “The gendarmes counted between 150 and 200 shots, we found cases everywhere the next day, assures Commander Cédric Roger. It was mostly buckshot, but one of Lesparre’s vehicles was found with a Brenneke bullet, boar bullet, ”explains the squadron leader.

During this time, none of the gendarmes retaliated. “The moment you can’t figure out your objective, or the environment in which it is operating, you don’t shoot,” said the commander. The gendarmes therefore made the choice to concede, without retaliating, and to wait until we were able to get the shooters off the hook. Despite the heavy fire, they displayed admirable discernment and coolness. “

The arrival on the spot of the “patriarch” of the second family, made it possible to calm the situation, and to prepare the intervention which will lead to the arrests, which took place Sunday at 8 am, with the support of the specialized platoon. protection of the Blaye gendarmerie. The device was then mounted to 40 soldiers. The searches will, after the intervention, find two rifles and a bag of ammunition.

If the scene was ultimately no injuries, the mayor of Lesparre-Médoc is not taking offense. “There is mounting pressure on this locality, with nuisances almost every weekend,” Bernard Guiraud tells 20 Minutes. The gendarmerie intervenes regularly, but this in no way calms the tensions. I have already written to the Prefect and the Minister of the Interior, because I felt the tragedy coming. And what I feared happened. The elected official calls for this situation “to end as soon as possible” because he fears “the worst. “

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