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The actor who slips behind the amphibian of the feature film “The Shape of Water”, broadcast this Sunday evening on France 2, has a course for the least astonishing. Focus.

Funny career that of Doug Jones, the man who slips behind the creature of the feature film The Shape of Water, broadcast this Sunday evening on France 2. The American actor, specializing in mime and contortionism, s is indeed often expressed on screens through his body.

Before the amphibian in The Shape of Water, Doug Jones lent his figure to several creatures in front of Guillermo del Toro’s camera. He thus embodied the fauna and the disturbing “Pale Man” in Pan’s Labyrinth, Abe Sapien in the Hellboy films, the ghost of Lady Sharpe in Crimson Peak or a vampire in the series The Strain.

The career of Doug Jones, now 61, does not only rhyme with the works of the Mexican filmmaker. The actor notably played (face uncovered) in the Arrow series, played the Silver Surfer in the film adventure of Fantastic 4, distinguished himself in the Star Trek: Discovery series and even appeared in the credits of a French film by lending its features to the evil genius of Serge Gainsbourg in Gainsbourg (heroic life).

The CW

Doug Jones in the “Arrow” series.

For his role as the amphibian in The Shape of Water, four costumes that can be fully submerged in water have been developed by the film crew. A very restrictive suit (very close to the body and equipped with corsets inside) which required the help of four people to allow him to put on the outfit. After donning the costume, Doug Jones underwent two to four hours of makeup.

“I knew this would be the most physically demanding role of my career and it motivated me,” says Doug Jones. “Just wearing the costume, the latex rubber foam and silicone of which was designed to consistently return to the shape it was sculpted into, was itself an intense workout as every movement was like doing a workout. pump or a pull! “

Albert Dupontel

Virginie Efira, Albert Dupontel

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