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On this Saturday, November 27, 2021, a new episode of the program La chanson secrète will be broadcast on TF1. The opportunity to experience a moment rich in emotions in the company, among others, of Iris Mittenaere! In an Instagram story, she even revealed to have lived “the happiest day of her life so far” by participating in the show.

While the 29 candidates for the new edition of Miss France 2022 are preparing to take over from Amandine Petit in a few weeks, Iris Mittenaere foams, for her part, the televisual events of this end of the year. And as in each of her appearances, the latter stood out during her descent from the steps at the NRJ Music Awards.

Last Sunday, November 21, Miss Universe 2016 had shared the hair change that she was going to wear for this exceptional evening at the turn of an Instagram story. Everyone’s taste is different. However, his look was not unanimous and his subscribers had quickly let him know. “Iris Mittenaere did what to her hair? She shouldn’t have”, “Where’s the hair ??”, “Ooohh not your hair”, “I prefer you a thousand times better with long hair”, “Tell us that it’s a wig please “, had commented a large part of his virtual community on Twitter. Some followers had, all the same, appreciated the transformation of Iris Mittenaere. “Iris, she is too beautiful with short hair” “Whooaaa the change!”, “Fan of your new cut”, “This bob I love”, “Nice short hair”, “I love the new cut, that looks great on you, ”we could read on social media.

In any case, one thing is certain … The passage of Iris Mittenaere in the program La chanson secrète, broadcast this Saturday, November 27, 2021 on TF1, risks getting everyone to agree. Indeed, according to the words of the former beauty queen in Instagram story, the filming of the musical program allowed her to unveil herself without artifice and has reserved some nice surprises for her. “I had hidden all my handkerchiefs but I lost all my means. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes,” she began. Sylvie Tellier’s former sidekick even confessed: “I think it was the most beautiful of my life so far … Prepare your ears because when my throat is tied I speak very sharp”. What does this new episode of The Secret Song have in store for him? Answer tonight …

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