Pascal Obispo had the right to a nice surprise on the set of La Boîte à secrets on France 3. Famous artists decided to sing the hits of two of his musicals, which left him speechless.

This Thursday, September 9, Faustine Bollaert was back in prime time with a brand new issue of The Secret Box. Pascal Obispo, Natasha St Pier and Pierre Perret have agreed to reveal their biggest secrets. On stage, the relatives of the guests multiplied the surprises by reinterpreting the most beautiful hits of our stars of the day. Pretty gifts that could not leave the guests indifferent. Pascal Obispo could not hold back his tears when he discovered Pablo Villafranca, Thierry Amiel, Ahmed Mouici and Daniel Lévi singing the hits that made them known in musicals.

Each guest has the right to their own box. Inside, there are objects related to their personal life or their career. Pascal Obispo was thus able to discover a scroll with legal texts and an apple. Objects that refer to the two musicals he composed: The 10 Commandments and Adam and Eve. “I didn’t exactly do the original version taken from the Bible, I wanted to make a projection in the world of tomorrow in fact. Eve was of mixed race – I also encountered a few small problems at the time (. ..) All of a sudden, it was a bit shocked when I started to want to develop this kind of ideas “, explained Pascal Obispo.

“For me, it is perhaps one of my most beautiful projects and it is a project that did not work at all”, admitted Pascal Obispo, but that did not prevent him from staging a musical about the life of Jesus. You had to watch the scene to discover the nice surprise given to Pascal Obispo. Pablo Villafranca and Thierry Amiel performed the hits of the Ten Commandments and Adam and Eve. The famous composer could not contain his tears when he then saw Ahmed Mouici and Daniel Lévi sing the hit My brother. “It’s a passing life (…) You made me cry,” concluded Pascal Obispo, joining his chair to find out what awaited him in the rest of the show.

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