It’s not what she wanted, what she hoped for. Sandrine Martinet had chosen to extend her career after her title at the Rio Games to win a second Paralympic gold medal. Alas, five years later, the flag bearer of the Blues must be satisfied with the money, at the end of a rebounding final. Led by a waza-ari by the Azerbaijani Hajiyeva after a little over a minute in the final, the Frenchwoman had a series of attacks to return to the score five seconds from the end of regulation time. But, in the Golden Score, her opponent managed to surprise her to score a new waza-ari, synonymous with victory over ippon.

At 38, Sandrine Martinet still offers the fourth medal of her career after silver in 2004 and 2008, and gold in 2016. But she does not fully validate her crazy bet to win in -48 kg, so that it evolved until then in -52 kg.