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September 14, 2021 – 2:42 p.m.

After copies of electoral systems were released a few weeks ago and potentially exposed to hackers, a group of cybersecurity experts recommends that California Secretary of State Shirley Weber conduct an election review after being removed on Tuesday to ensure that the Votes are properly counted.

“As you know, binary images of the Dominion Election Management System (EMS) were released about three weeks ago,” said the experts in a letter to Weber. “Although the software versions are not identical to those in California, the differences are relatively small: The publication jeopardizes the trustworthiness of the ongoing recall elections in California and the public trust in the election.”

Because of the leak, the experts recommend the wrote the letter to conduct a Risk Mitigation Audit (RLA) for all of California. An RLA would ensure that votes are counted correctly after an election before the election result is confirmed.

“The security concerns we are writing about here … are different from threats we have seen before and may be technical Funds are not completely averted, ”says the letter. “The only strong defense against them is the nationwide RLA that we recommend for the current election.”

The recall election is said to be the first choice since the release of binary images from Dominion EMS, an electoral system that is widely used Land used, including in many California counties, was released in August.

Although the images were from areas other than California, officials say the systems are similar enough to those in California to compromise the election.

Hackers can use the leaked images to familiarize themselves with Dominion EMS, making it easier to find vulnerabilities in the system and disrupt elections.

“Starting in August 2021, thousands of strangers will be able to study the code and find vulnerabilities, to plan attacks on elections, ”said the experts. “The attacks can be used by non-technical accomplices, including voters, building maintenance personnel and election workers.”

Some of Dominion’s ballot marking devices have proven to be vulnerable enough that voters could infiltrate them with malware unnoticed, according to the experts.

“This malware could spread undetected to other voting machines and possibly to the central election management system (EMS) in the county,” said the cybersecurity experts. “This EMS software is now in the hands of innumerable trespassers …”

With information about the Dominion EMS system now available to thousands of people, the experts warn that the resulting security breach is serious.

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