Personal bank deposits and job vacancies are on the rise.

In the Gard, as at the national level, the strength of the recovery in economic activity is confirmed in the three sectors of industry, market services and construction, as Nathalie Ravet, the departmental director underlines. from the Banque de France: “The forecasts of the Gard business leaders for 2021 remain confident, and, from month to month, our business surveys among some sixty managers in the department help to strengthen our forecast for product growth gross domestic (GDP) of 6.3% for the current year. “

Therefore, the catch-up to the level of pre-crisis activity that was expected in the first half of 2022 is expected to be completed at the end of December. “We should return to a potential growth level estimated between 1% and 1.5%.”

Still according to figures from the Banque de France, the number of job vacancies in the Gard currently exceeds the pre-crisis level, and this especially in sectors such as catering, health, tourism or even the spectacle.

“At the same time, nearly one in two companies say they have difficulty recruiting,” notes the departmental director of the BDF.

Bank deposits of households in the Gard increased by 7.7% between June 2020 and June 2021. And the loans granted, over this same period, are also up by 7.6% for the housing sector and of 7.9% for that of consumption.

Business failures, meanwhile, fell by 26.4% over one year in the Gard, thanks in particular to all of the cash support measures which “have proved particularly effective”.

However, it should be noted that the incident curve has been on the rise again for a few weeks. “According to the information provided by the president of the commercial court, the drop in collective proceedings over the first eight months of the year is 22.12% less compared to 2020, and 55.12% less compared to to 2019 “, underlines Nathalie Ravet.

On October 1, a departmental crisis exit committee will be officially set up, chaired by the prefect of Gard, Marie-Françoise Lecaillon. The purpose of this system is to support companies which are currently encountering difficulties.

“For the Banque de France, around sixty Gard companies are concerned.” At the same time, in the department, 8,617 companies benefited from a loan guaranteed by the State (PGE) for a total amount of 968 million €. “31% of EMPs went to the trade and repairs sector, 14% to the manufacturing sector and 12% to the construction sector.”

A bit like the Gard, business leaders in the Occitanie region are revising their activity and investment projections upwards for the end of 2021, and this in the three economic sectors that are industry, market services and construction.

However, the resumption of activities is still lagging behind in the aeronautics sector, and is even being slowed down by supply difficulties in industry and construction. Banque de France officials indicate that “turnover in industry, at the regional level, will increase by 8% in 2021”, two points higher than the forecast at the start of the year.

Same trend in the market services sector, with an increase in turnover estimated at 10% – four points better than the forecast for January – as well as in the construction sector, with an estimate of over 8%.

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