The FDJ Loto offers you multiple opportunities to fill your bank account thanks to the classic grids, Loto codes, the second draw and MultiChances packs. In each draw, the minimum jackpot in play is € 2 million, and it increases by € 1 million each time it is not won. Thus, at the rate of three draws per week, it is not uncommon for the jackpot to climb to more than 30 million euros. This Monday, August 30, it amounted to 21 million euros: an amount that could be won by simply completing a grid of 6 numbers with a value of 2.20 euros.

Like every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, TF1 has just unveiled the Loto results. The winning Loto numbers for this Monday, August 30 are: The Chance number is 9. If you missed the distribution of the list of 10 winning Loto codes of 20,000 euros, you can now find it on

For an additional 0.80 euro, players who so wish can now enter their grid for a second draw. The latter is independent of the classic draw and its minimum jackpot is 100,000 euros. In this second chance draw, only five numbers are drawn. The additional number is therefore not taken into account in the results. If you find two correct numbers, you will win the sum of 3 euros, which is the price of a grid with the 2nd draw option. Three numbers will win you around 30 euros and four numbers around 500 euros.

Information: playing involves risks: isolation, dependence …
Call 09 74 75 13 13 (non-premium rate call), if you want help.