Identities, masculinity, emergence are on the program of this 52nd edition designed by Christoph Wiesner, the new director of the event.

Lots of new this summer in Arles, since this 52nd edition of the Rencontres comes after a blank year when the 2020 photo festival was ultimately canceled, choked by the global health crisis. “This is the very good news, the Rencontres d’Arles will take place from July 4 to September 26. Cost that cost! ”, Hammers its director Christoph Wiesner who spent long months in Zoom, Teams and Cie meetings. He has the enthusiasm of the child on his first Christmas. And an iron discipline, under the smile.

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“Over the past year, we’ve learned to manage the situation, gauges, people and flows, we know how to do it, we have tools that we didn’t have last year. We screened all the places, eliminated those that were too small, such as the Henri Comte room, behind the Town Hall, or the Commanderie Sainte-Luce, in front of the RÃ © attu Museum, he said. We still have large spaces such as the floor of the Monoprix, the Church of Sainte-Anne, the Church of the Friars-Preachers, the Espace Van Gogh, the Archbishopric

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