The LOSC U19s have a magnificent first success in Europe with a 2-0 victory against the VfL Wolfsburg U19s. All smiles and still emotional, Stéphane Pichot and then Ismail Bouleghcha presented themselves to us to give us their first impressions.

Delighted or even astonished by the performance of his men, Stéphane Pichot arrived all smiles at the press conference. Obviously satisfied with the meeting that had just taken place before his eyes, the Lille technician looks back on the meeting itself and on the fruits of a well-built success: “Yes, it’s a great victory because we had to heart to start the Youth League well with this first match. A great victory because in attitude, in the collective and in the spirit of sacrifice we were there. A great victory also because we managed to score at the right time and especially not to concede before making the break. Everything is in place today to be satisfied. We take 3 points, that’s a good thing for the boys and it’s a reward for the effort put in. “

Despite this final joy, Stéphane Pichot admits that the fear of a turnaround was constantly present in the Lille camp throughout the second half. Anxiety swept away by José Bica’s double at the very end of the match: “Normally in these competitions, when you don’t put in the second quickly, it often turns out badly. We get equalized or even we can lose. After a few missed chances, things were still going through our heads but Tom Negrel made the necessary saves and we managed to finish the job. I would have preferred that second goal come sooner to relieve us but hey that’s it. “

Aware that it took a lot of work to achieve such a performance, Stéphane Pichot is proud, very proud of his players who have assimilated the different characteristics of the opposing team. Features they’d studied out of sight in record time: “We knew what to expect, we knew their strengths and weaknesses. We knew that if we planned well we could make the difference. We also knew that it was a team that used to play together when we were a mixture of young people between N3 and U19. We didn’t necessarily have a lot of time to prepare for the game, since we had two different competitions this weekend, but that was enough. We saw a real collective force, a real team. We will have to keep that for the next confrontations. ”

Arrived all smiles but trembling, the LOSC right-back was not used to being in the spotlight to debrief a match. Still excited, the young Dogue drew a concise assessment of this afternoon’s game: “From the start of the match we were confident even though we had a very young team. I think we oldies managed to put everyone at ease since we had already had the opportunity to play it. We never really doubted. We really trusted us. We managed to ignore the pressure, we stayed solid and we won the game. We have shown that you can play 90 minutes without conceding a goal in the Youth League, frankly it’s amazing, just unbelievable. The first goal really gave us confidence and then after the second it was “wow”, I’m still emotional, I don’t even know what to say to you. “

Emotion, Ismail Bouleghcha will probably have more this evening, in front of the matches of the professional group. A meeting he looks forward to. The full-back also dedicated his victory to them: “If we can be there, it’s thanks to them so we thank them for this victory. I hope they will make us happy tonight. We can’t wait to be there. ” By wishing, as Ismail Bouleghcha hopes, that LOSC will follow the same path and also win this evening at 9 p.m. at the Pierre Mauroy Stadium.

Here is the summary of the great performance of the U19 LOSC in Youth League against VfL Wolfsburg (2-0)! ⬇️https: //

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