The surge in inflation should mathematically lead to an increase in the yield of the French favorite savings account. Bruno Le Maire has announced his doubling.

“The rate of return of the livret A will go to 1%” announced the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, on the set of the TF1 televised newspaper. Good news for the many French people who have placed part of their savings in this booklet. This change will take effect on February 1st. The rate of the Popular Savings Book will drop from 1.1% to 2.2%. These adjustments are an additional tool “to protect the French from inflation”, the minister welcomed. The price increase reached 2.8% year on year in December.

The rate hike, stuck at 0.5% for two years, was expected. The latter is in fact partly determined by inflation, which has risen sharply in recent months. Only the exact amount remained unknown. The government finally decided to follow the recommendations of the Banque de France which had proposed a little earlier to double the yield of the livret A and to increase the rate of the popular savings account (LEP ), reserved for the most modest at 2.2%.

The goal is to protect the French, especially the more modest from price increases, which reappeared in the euro zone. It has even risen sharply in recent months 1.1% in July, 1.8% in August, 2.1% in September, 2.6% in October and finally 2.8% in November, according to the figures. of INSEE.

The popular savings account is reserved for “all French people earning less than 20,000 euros per year”, recalled the Minister of the Economy. If its rate is much more interesting than that of the livret A, only half of the beneficiaries claim it, often for lack of information. To remedy this bias, Bruno Le Maire announced that an email would be sent “to all French people who have the right”.

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The French borrow at 25 years at 1.5% for real estate loans and now have a passbook A at 1%, secured and whose funds are immediately available. And it matters!

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The “Big Pickpocket Conqueror”, Minister of Finance, will double the rate of the livret A! At 1% the French who invest will lose 2% of their invested income. But what about other investments like the LDD for example? It would be high time for the French to come out of their torpor where “everyone, he’s handsome, everyone, he’s nice”. This clique of incompetents must be sent back to their homes as soon as possible. And this without any state of mind. When we read the inventory of the current situation, published by the Figaro Magazine this week, it cannot but appeal to our common sense. Some who still believe at the same time in Santa Claus and in these “nickel feet” are not aware that with this galloping inflation the rates of treasury bills are going to have to be brought up to the right level. At 1% debt financing puts us in a situation of bankruptcy! And today a baby with a debt of 44000Euros! Thanks Macron!

AT?? From that date, the French who have not received their booster dose within seven months of their last injection or infection will lose their health pass.

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