Once is not custom, this Saturday, October 30, Karine Ferri opened the doors of her cocoon of love to the cameras of 50mn Inside. The opportunity to learn more about the host’s family life.

At 39, Karine Ferri is a fulfilled woman. On TF1, the host is in charge of the Dance with the Stars debrief every Friday. But behind the scenes, she always prefers to stay away from the spotlight. “I love the shadow and the light” she confided in the TF1 show, 50mn Inside, this Saturday, October 30. On the occasion of the release of her book, Une vie en balance, published by Robert Laffont, Karine Ferri has agreed to open the doors of her home. If she cherishes her Mediterranean origins, it is in Brittany that Claudia and Maël’s mother leads a peaceful daily life, far from the Parisian hustle and bustle with which she mingles for her professional obligations.

“The priority remains my children and my husband” declared Karine Ferri, who has chosen to juggle these two very different lives. A choice that her children understand: “Now they understood that mum also thrives in her work. And that to have a fully fulfilled mum, mum also needs to get back to the set.” To lead this daily life simultaneously, Karine Ferri can count on the unwavering support of Yoann Gourcuff. Married since 2019, the lovers form a solid couple. Today, the former footballer is using his freedom to spend time with his children and his wife. A real change in family life.

“When he was on the field and playing football, it was important for me to be near him, to accompany him, so we have always been very cool with regard to the schedules of one and on the other, and career choices. I think that’s what love is, “Karine Ferri told 50mn Inside. Already a few days ago, the host returned to the almost intact osmosis between her and Yoann Gourcuff: “We are complementary and similar. We love the great outdoors, nature, the sea… We are very close to animals. He too comes from a close-knit family. With the children, we are both multitasking. Obviously, to play football, it’s more the dad than me. But for the rest, we do almost everything together, all the four”. A couple going in the same direction!

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