A video of the Cachan city council of September 30 has been circulating on social networks for a few days, mainly relayed by the right. It shows an excerpt from a debate on the need or not to give lethal weapons to municipal police. Dominique Lanoë, elected LFI and assistant in charge of school life, declared at the microphone: “I believed that the aim of the police was to protect the population and not necessarily to have weapons to kill them.”

Asked about these remarks, Philippe Poutou, presidential candidate of the NPA did not hesitate to affirm that what had been said by this elected official was true: It is really these words which are controversial? Obviously the police kill … In Nantes, Marseille … About fifteen young people are killed each year in certain working-class neighborhoods by the police. There is real police violence … There is such a level that we have to see it. We know it, we see it … When you are a demonstrator, you are attacked by the police who are armed, overarmed and dangerous … The police kill, the police mutilate … How many people are stunned, injured? “

And to add a little later in the interview: “We know that there are several police unions which are openly extreme right and where, as several reports have shown, one can find Nazi insignia. and fascists. The real problem is that! “

Yesterday the deputy to the Mayor of Cachan, today Mr. Poutou, declared candidate for the presidential election, which show the true face of the extreme left: That of visceral hatred of the cops. I invite the elected officials, who will be asked to sign their candidacy for the presidential election, to think carefully and to appreciate the despicable scope of the comments made by these people. #jaimemesflics

It would be incomprehensible if the Minister of the Interior did not file a complaint, without delay, against these 2 people for defamation.

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but what a moron. these people should be on file, but on style, this guy, whatever happens, the police leave him in their shit

He will find you 3/4 cases over the last 20 years but on the other hand he forgets the thousands of cases concerning his friends.

Nothing goes, between his carrouf polo shirt, his tobacco bar speech … the discomfort is present

Apart from his statements, this man is running for the presidential elections, France would be the most ridiculous country in the world if he were elected! that he returns home and that he looks for work instead of living in the hooks of society ……

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