During the audition, Shaun Johnson and Matt Moylan’s switch in the half was a complete success when Cronulla buckled up a bland Gold Coast 38-10 in Coffs Harbor.

The non-contractual duo only played for the fourth time # 6 and # 7 together and bonded like they’d been next to each other for years.

Johnson registered an experimental assistant and kicked seven out of seven to score 14 single points in his 200th game, while Moylan had two experimental assistants and 156 Brought running meters.

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The Titans were terrible, conceding twice when the Sharks dropped to 12 and lost the Queensland Origin full-back and hopeful AJ Brimson to a leg injury in the second half.

It was Cronulla’s most complete performance of the year. built on the back of the Johnson Moylan Show.

Their togetherness is sure to have caught the attention of new coach Craig Fitzgibbon, who has hinted that he is more than happy to work with the current squad rather than rushing to the open market to find a playmaker .

Johnson and Moylan worked on both the right and left sides of the field, often joining directly to reveal Cronulla’s outer back.

Johnson’s kicking game started poorly. his first cultivator almost hit the back fence? but he quickly found his rhythm to keep Gold Coast constantly on its back foot. Sharks interim coach Josh Hannay denied the decision to drop Premier League-winning halfback Chad Townsend and the couple Johnson and Moylan, the work of Fitzgibbon, but there is no doubt that the performance will match the new boss “Shaun and Moysa only played three games together while they were with the Sharks, so it’s not a lot of work for us to judge that combination.” Hannay said.

“The decision was mine and it was a tough one for Chad (Townsend), but I’m really excited to see what Shaun and Matt can do in the future.”

Cronulla did the last Won six games against the Titans in a winning run that goes back to 2017.

The Titans led 6-0 early on, but then gave up 38 unanswered points as their defensive weaknesses were not revealed for the first time.

â € œIf you want to be fair when it comes to doing eight, you have to be desperateâ €? former international Steve Roach said.

It was a bad effort. They had everything to play. There was hardly a whimper.

The shark monster Franklin Pele made his NRL appearance five minutes before half-time and immediately used his 125 kg frame.

With 32 family members and friends watching from the stands, Pele only played a handful of minutes but didn’t look out of place.


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