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earlier this year, there were indications that a PC Porting for “Final Fantasy 7 Remake” is in progress. Now, a leak with another game seems to increase the possibility that the game will be launched by Square Enix on another platform.

The renowned gaming news source Wario64 has gaming fans on an unannounced PC port “Final Fantasy 7 Remake “made aware. The game was found via EpicData on the Epic Games Store backend, along with a remastered version of “Alan Wake.”

On Saturday, the same source released an update after discovering that Rakuten Taiwan accidentally remastered the “Alan Wake.” “Seemed to have leaked. While this doesn’t fully confirm the Final Fantasy 7 Remake PC port, the new leak suggests that the data found in Epic’s backend was likely correct.

Final Fantasy VII Remake List on the Epic Games Store- Backend found
as well as Alan Wake Remastered

Aside from the evidence Wario64 found, this wouldn’t be the first time Square Enix has featured a hugely popular console title on the PC platform brings. As VGC pointed out, the video game company made the series “Kingdom Hearts” available on the PC via the Epic Games Store last March. It wouldn’t be surprising if Square Enix made a similar deal for “Final Fantasy 7 Remake”.

At this point in time, a file path called Pineapple QA_OLD, which is suspected to be “Final Fantasy 7 Remake”, always appears still on EpicData and was last changed on June 18th. There isn’t much information on this list, but its status remains “active” and the developer is identified as “Square Enix (Japan)”.

Unfortunately, the EpicData files do not give any indication of the PC release date of ” Final Fantasy 7 Remake. ”The game was already having a huge year in 2021 after Square Enix launched its official PS5 upgrade last June. It also came with the“ Episode Intermission ”expansion that made Yuffie Kisaragi a playable character made.

“Final Fantasy 7 Remake” was a huge hit with critics and the market. Around three months after its launch in 2020, the game had already sold 5 million times worldwide. Given this performance, it is not surprising that Square Enix has decided to create Part 2. It is not yet known when it will be released.

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