Adaptation of a play, Laurent Lafitte’s first comedy as a director is released in cinemas on Wednesday September 15.

The Origin of the World, in theaters on Wednesday September 15, is an adaptation of a play by Sébastien Thiéry. It tells the story of a man who ticks all the criteria for social success but is still not happy with his situation. Her relationship is in turmoil and her fate is turned upside down when the doctor tells her that her health is deteriorating. After consulting a guru, he charges him with an impossible mission.

The wacky mission he is in charge of: taking a photo of his mother’s private parts with whom he is in the cold. In this puzzling comedy to say the least, Laurent Lafitte wants to address the prohibitions and taboos of society. A daring film in the image of the director signs his first film as a director.

broadcast on 12/09

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