We live in a world where “I can destroy you” has been completely disappointed and I don’t like it.

Don’t even get me started with the stupid Golden Globes rule that affects Minari, and how out of the question for a nod with the best picture because “more than 50 percent” of the film was spoken in a language other than English.

I could destroy the limits of television form more than any other Show last year and have triumphed. An amazing, incomparable, incredible piece of storytelling. Michaela Coel deserves better, tbh. #Golden Globes

Golden Globes are ridiculous. Not only is I May Destroy You absolutely awesome, it should also require a viewing. Apparently you can be too far ahead of humanity @MichaelaCoel, we don’t deserve you.

I May Destroy You is a thoughtful, twisted, wise, and trauma-focused study of the effects of sexual violence. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Michaela Coel, the writer, co-director AND executive producer, deserves all the flowers. What a big mistake #GoldenGlobes

I think it’s an absolute farce that Michaela Coel made the #GoldenGlobes nominations for I May Destroy You – perhaps the most unique TV series in recent years, made by a brave and A real writer’s fearless performance was fueled – got caught

The total freezing of I May Destroy You and Michaela Coel is proof that the Golden Globes are not worthy of attention and have no connection to actual culture.

Steven Yeun did one of the best performances of the year for me. As a master class for subtle, nuanced action, he could say with his eyes and his physicality what his emotionally stunted character could not put into words.

That nudge is painful. #Golden Globes

An award that nominates “Emily in Paris” in several categories does not justify calling Minari a foreign language film. Yes i’m bitter #Golden Globes

zendaya, steven yeun and michaela coel I’m so sorry that you are just too sexy for the golden globes. That’s why they scolded you

When they find out that Jonathan Majors and Jurnee Smollett didn’t get #GoldenGlobes nominations for their incredible work in ‘Lovecraft Country’

The Golden Globes are always about clownery .. Because neither Jurnee Smollett nor Jonathan Majors have been nominated for their great achievements. https://t.co/fPS2ujn5V6

So you tell me that t’nia miller from bly manor, kerry washington in small fires everywhere, sophie okonedo from ratched and jurnee smollett from lovecraft country NO nominations for the Golden Globe ???

So … no Zendaya for Euphoria, Michaela Coel for I May Destroy You, Jurnee Smollett for Lovecraft Country, but somehow Lily Collins gets a #GoldenGlobes nomination for Emily in Paris, the most under-hyped hyped Show of the year? Nice job HFPA. You’re so 2021 now.

In the year of P-Valley, I May Destroy You, Lovecraft Country and Little Ax, we only get THREE (!!!) color candidates on TV, all men. #Golden Globes
News – The nominations for the 2021 Golden Globes are out and everyone has thoughts about this year’s biggest snubs

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